winter-bluesSerotonin is the “happy” brain chemical that our body produces. During the darker nights and the grey cloudy days, we do not produce as much Serotonin and this can lead to the feeling of gloom and despondency. There are plenty of products on the market to boost the production of serotonin – the aptly named “SAD” – Seasonal Affective Disorder has become more well known as being a proven fact and therefore more has become available to assist with this, simulated daylight light boxes are one way and taking a 5HTP Serotonin supplement. However, sometimes these methods can be expensive so it is worth trying a few methods at home before you invest your hard earned cash in other things.
Orange light is what triggers the brain to produce more Serotonin so see if you can find an orange light bulb in a local hardware store, use this in a side lamp at home and have it on as often as you are in the room. If you cannot find an orange light bulb then a thin orange lightweight scarf of piece of material thrown over the top of an ordinary lampshade will produce the same affect whilst you are in the room.

Chocolate of course is widely known to be a producer of happy feelings, if you go this route then good organic dark chocolate is the healthier method.

Finally, sex is another way of producing the same brain chemical and is also a way of keeping warm whilst in this colder season, so really, although we may feel low at this time of year, ways of making ourselves feel better are pretty good options.

Wishing you a Happy New Year, full of Serotonin!

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