Vital Breast Health

Every woman’s guide to Vital Breast Health is a self help programme which is inexpensive, easy to implement and very effective. This programme is particularly useful, as it provides the breast tissue with the nutritional support and cellular integrity to help overcome all sorts of breast






I developed this programme in 2001 for Anne, whom I had previously treated for allergies and who had returned to see me with concern over fluid tinged with blood coming from one of her nipples. She was hoping there might be something she could do to improve her situation, as her mother had presented with the same symptoms at around the same age as Anne was at the time. Anne’s mother had developed breast cancer and had been unsuccessful in beating the disease despite her doctors best efforts.

Anne’s problem was in the mammary duct with fluid tinged with blood escaping from the nipple. It was clearly a serious situation and although neither of us suggested that it might be cancer, it was hard to imagine that it could be anything else. Anne visited her doctor and she was given an appointment for a mammogram at the breast clinic within two weeks (the industry standard in the UK when cancer is suspected). She was keen to do anything possible in the meantime to improve her health. We decided that a half-hearted approach was not going to make much difference, the situation called for massive and immediate action.

I knew that the cancer industry was spending millions of dollars each year on researching a variety of cancer treatments that aggressively target and kill cancer cells. I decided to look for ways to enhance the vitality of the normal cells in the breast. My approach was based on the assumption that the body would be less likely to host a problem similar to the one Anne was experiencing if the tissue cells were normal and healthy. It was obvious that correct nutrition was of foremost importance, as was an abundance of oxygen. I knew that normal cells flourish in an oxygen rich environment, whilst abnormal cells, being largely anoxic, tend to perish.

With these thoughts in mind, I put together a diet plan designed to aid vitality and to move the body towards a more alkaline state. The more alkaline a body becomes, the greater is its ability to hold oxygen, so by switching to an alkaline forming diet we enjoy a dual effect. Firstly, the normal cells become more vital, and secondly, abnormal cells have to contend with a far greater level of oxygen. It was obvious that the more oxygen was being delivered to the area of concern, the greater the benefit.

As oxygen is delivered via the blood stream, the problem is solved if you are able to flood the area with oxygen rich blood. Hydro-therapy is outstandingly successful in increasing the supply of blood to a given area, whilst at the same time increasing lymphatic drainage and the delivery of the all important white cells. I also needed to ensure that the blood being circulated to the affected area contained the highest possible level of oxygen; I have found that the best way of achieving this is by practicing a deep breathing technique which I have used in numerous situations to provide an increase in the overall vitality of my patients.

Anne strictly followed the diet plan, ritually practiced the deep breathing technique and applied the hydrotherapy programme many times a day. Before Anne went for her mammogram the fluid coming from her nipple had stopped.

So what happened when Anne attended her appointment at the breast clinic? Anne explains about the amazing results and her experience of following the programme.

Anne was told that no further treatment was required! She got a clean bill of health and has been free of her problem for over ten years now, it maybe hard to believe but it is a fact, a delightfully happy fact. Not only Anne but many other women have since followed the programme with similar results. As yet all those following the advice in the programme have experienced not just healthier breasts, but also an improvement in their general wellbeing.

Watch my seminar about Vital Breast Health. It encompasses a variety of techniques and wealth of practical information to maintain healthy breasts, taken from my book “Every Woman’s Guide to Vital Breast Health”.

There is a growing number of women like Anne who have followed the programme Every Woman’s Guide to Vital Breast Health. Many, if not all, are experiencing not only healthier breasts but also a general improvement in their overall health. You can do it too, nothing compares with the empowering feeling when you take control of your health destiny.