vaccine-lotteryEmy has left a comment on my blog ‘medical dogma’, pointing out that the effectiveness of the pertussis vaccine declines at around the age of six. Also that it was not unvaccinated children that were responsible for the increase in whooping cough in the USA; it was more common in children that had been immunised. As she points out natural immunity seems far stronger in protecting against disease than acquired immunity.
One of the problems facing both doctors and their patients is a lack of clarity regarding the effectiveness and the safety of many of the drugs regularly prescribed by practitioners. This as we all know is because the manufacturers collectively known as Big Pharma deliberately edited the results, enhancing the benefits and in many cases hiding or minimising the risks. Which can of course be catastrophic misleading both doctor and patient, making health care not just erratic, but in some cases life threatening.

Of course this practice is not only immoral it is also illegal leading to large fines. Glaxo holds the current record paying a fine of 1.9billion dollars for encouraging doctors to prescribe an anti-depressant for patients in the full knowledge that it was contra-indicated for their condition. Roche withheld information that 15000 Americans had died from taking their drugs, for which they were probably fined.

Now a drug company is like any other manufacturer, a group of people who have collectively or individually sanctioned even encouraged the withholding of information which has a detrimental effect on their marketing. However, when this leads to thousands of unnecessary deaths, a fine is clearly not enough of a deterrent; those responsible for crimes such as these should face criminal prosecution.

Only when doctors can rely on ‘scientific evidence’ provided by Big Pharma will patients receive the correct treatment and not take part in a lottery.

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