the_truth_about_gardasilFollowing the recent news article regarding contaminated Gardasil vaccines, it got me thinking about a conversation I had last year with a very concerned parent. Her daughter, aged 14, was being offered the vaccine at school and her mother was very hesitant having read several articles about the dangers of the vaccine. She told me at the time that it did not matter what she said, her daughter was adamant that all her friends were having the vaccine and she was not going to be left out. Her mothers biggest concern was that her daughter was able to decide for herself and did not need parental consent. I was surprised by this so decided to dig around a little to see what information I could find.
On the surface, it would seem that a child under the age of 18 does need a signed consent form from a parent. However, digging a little further it would seem that parents have little or no say at all. I looked on an NHS forum and found this response from a concerned parent – “A letter of consent asks me my permission, then takes great pains to explain that it is irrelevant anyways, citing reference to a court case that has absolutely nothing to do with vaccinations. It uses very strong threat that my decision will be overruled anyways no matter what I decide, and peer pressure & threat will be applied to any 12-14 old that refuses the jabs without any protection from me”.

The other comments on the forum are very concerning, many people claiming that their daughter has experienced symptoms associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ME since the vaccine was given but then other people stating that CFS and ME are naturally occurring in the UK (naturally occurring??! Has this become something we can all expect to get at some point because it is naturally occurring?!) On further reading I came across a website specifically created to inform about the truth of the Gardasil vaccine. They have a lot of information on there and for anyone considering this decision for themselves or their child I would recommend a visit,

The information out there is mind boggling and it is not easy for busy parents to find the time to do this, but really, it is worth it to be able to make an informed decision. One young girl commented on a forum that I came across “Well I had the vaccine, I had an achey arm but that was it, what is the problem, it is done now”. Yes, it is done, the vaccine is in the system, I guess only time will tell what long term effects it may bring, the short term ones certainly do not look good so far and the vaccine has not been in existence long enough to monitor the longer term effects, even if anyone was prepared to give the honest truth about what those effects may be.

I urge every person to investigate fully before making an informed decision on these subjects, look for yourself, do not just take anothers opinion for you never know the motivation behind their “truth”. If you have had any experience with these issues, please share with us, send any information you have to:

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