times-body-and-soulRegarding article by Dr Mark Porter in The Times – Tuesday 13th December 2011 (Body & Soul Health)
Dr Mark Porter, whose articles I have read in the past, states in his article ‘I’m pro immunisation and the facts and figures back me up’. I’m certain that many worried parents will find his confidence reassuring, that is of course until you look a little deeper at a more scientific level. Unfortunately, most of the facts and figures he provides are anecdotal, which is the least reliable form of evidence possible. He states as an example that the MMR vaccination is thought to cause vaccine associated encephalitis in less than one in every million doses given.

The use of the phrase thought to doesn’t sound very scientific, surely scientific research is meant to be very precise and not based on hear-say. His comparison is also slightly flawed as he is looking at one incident of encephalitis per jab, compared with all complications for those not having the jab and as three doses are given, that would mean one in 333,000 sufferers not one in a million, but it’s hear say anyway.

Being pro-immunisation is not the same as being pro-vaccination, as the effectiveness of vaccinations is judged by the number of antibodies created, which is not necessarily the same thing as immunity. This could be why there are so many sufferers in an epidemic who have been fully vaccinated, but have failed to gain immunity from the disease in question through vaccination.

He also states that smallpox was driven to extinction by the mass vaccination programme, which he describes as a miracle of modern medicine even though it is around 200 years old. Most interestingly, deaths from smallpox had already declined by over 90% by the time the mass vaccination programme started and the incidence of smallpox declined in societies which were non vaccinated at a similar rate to those who were vaccinated.

What is really needed to make an informed opinion is a recognisable and reliable scientific study which compares the vaccinated with the non vaccinated. We need to know which group is the healthier and which group has the highest incidence of autism, asthma, eczema, encephalitis, ME, lupus, MS, IBS, ADHD, Asperger’s, et al. Once this information is available from an independent source that is not influenced or owned by any financially interested parties, then we can make a balanced and informed decision for our children.

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