ins-and-outs-of-dietsThere are a quite baffling number of diets suggested, all aimed at improving our health in some way or another. Really, this short piece is more about the outs than the ins, that is the relationship between what leaves the body to that which is ingested. So how can we evaluate whether or not our diet is truly suitable? The following are some useful and maybe even fun ways of forming an opinion!

Firstly, after your main meal of the day, take a level teaspoon full of cochineal – that bright red food colouring. This should be easy to spot and should leave the body in 36 hours, not much sooner and not much longer. 2 to 4 days is reasonable and if the colouring appears within 1 day or in perhaps 5 days then your diet is likely to be unsuitable for your body’s needs.

So what of the stools themselves? They should be sausage shaped, leave the body effortlessly and cleanly with no need to wipe. They should also float just below the surface of the water, if they immediately sink then this usually indicates too much fibre in the diet and if they float above the surface then there is either unmetabolised fat or gas present.

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