sore-eyesThere are of course many different eye conditions and causes, today I am suggesting solutions for conjunctivitis, styes and dry or weepy eyes. Next week we will look at degenerative conditions.
Products required Parsley, Colmans Mustard Powder.

Method – Hot mustard foot bath to draw the problem down (as explained in ‘Asthma Other Breathing Difficulties’ Tip)

Use a bunch of parsley to make an eye bath. Thoroughly wash the parsley. Tear off the tops, place in a jug and pour in 300ml of boiling water. Allow to cool completely.

Drain off liquid and use this to irrigate the eye, if applying to both eyes wash the eye bath well between applications to avoid cross infection.

Compress – To make a parsley compress use the parsley leaves left in the jug. They need to be wet, wrapped in muslin or handkerchief and placed over the affected closed eye and held gently in place with a crepe bandage or similar, leave on overnight.

May sound too simple but it really works! Weepy eyes can be connected to kidney function so more on that next week.

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