A Prawn Allergy Cure – Michael suffered from anaphylaxia due to a prawn allergy, carried an EpiPen and required emergency treatment in A&E on two occassions.

“I first heard about this treatment from a friend and having watched my daughter’s progress getting rid of her nut allergy, my wife and I decided to see if it would work for us as well. I was a bit scepticle at first, particularly as having had the allergy for many years and also being told by my doctor and allergy specialist that allergies are incurable. However, I figured it was worth a go and signed up for the programme. The tretament itself seemed too simple to have any effect, but it did and I’m now allergy free! It’s just amazing to be rid of it after just one course of treatment.”

We follow Michael as he receives a course of Chirokinetic Therapy for his allergies to shellfish and prawns. Michael discusses how he is now cured of his allergies and also his OCD.

Are you are suffering from allergies? Take your first steps to complete allergy freedom and join the thousands of others who have already received this groundbreaking, 100% natural treatment and are now completely allergy free!
See how the Allergy Specialists can help you and your family

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