breastless-beautiesHow tragic, as part of the latest medical craze “gene therapy” guides women to have their healthy breasts surgically removed. Extraordinary it may sound, but fact is often stranger than fiction. So why are women choosing this route rather than striving for healthier breasts, could it be fear based?
After all, conventional treatment for breast cancer is not exactly a “walk in the park”. Chemotherapy was originally developed from mustard gas, used in WWI as a terror weapon against troops who suffered burnt skin and lungs filled with suffocating pus.

So just how reliable is a decision based on a suspected errant gene? Until quite recently it was thought that the majority of genes were redundant, but now it is understood that they have in fact an important function. Performing as activators for those considered to be active genes. Some of which are thought to make a person more likely to develop cancer.

It is however, not impossible to imagine as further research is undertaken a different picture might emerge. Who knows, if you are so suggestible as to believe that nature provides the majority of genes in the code for no good reason, that’s a big worry for us all. Maybe one day we will have a more complete picture, but in the meantime you cannot argue with the fact that if you remove a part of the body, it won’t give you a problem in the future. Remove the legs and no varicose veins or ulcers, no athlete’s foot, bunions or gout in the big toe joint, and no leg night cramps. A more difficult decision is when it comes to depression, anxiety, migraines and headaches as although decapitation definitely eliminates these problems, it does tend to spoil your day.

Until we know more, I will stick to Levis!

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vaccine-lotteryEmy has left a comment on my blog ‘medical dogma’, pointing out that the effectiveness of the pertussis vaccine declines at around the age of six. Also that it was not unvaccinated children that were responsible for the increase in whooping cough in the USA; it was more common in children that had been immunised. As she points out natural immunity seems far stronger in protecting against disease than acquired immunity.
One of the problems facing both doctors and their patients is a lack of clarity regarding the effectiveness and the safety of many of the drugs regularly prescribed by practitioners. This as we all know is because the manufacturers collectively known as Big Pharma deliberately edited the results, enhancing the benefits and in many cases hiding or minimising the risks. Which can of course be catastrophic misleading both doctor and patient, making health care not just erratic, but in some cases life threatening.

Of course this practice is not only immoral it is also illegal leading to large fines. Glaxo holds the current record paying a fine of 1.9billion dollars for encouraging doctors to prescribe an anti-depressant for patients in the full knowledge that it was contra-indicated for their condition. Roche withheld information that 15000 Americans had died from taking their drugs, for which they were probably fined.

Now a drug company is like any other manufacturer, a group of people who have collectively or individually sanctioned even encouraged the withholding of information which has a detrimental effect on their marketing. However, when this leads to thousands of unnecessary deaths, a fine is clearly not enough of a deterrent; those responsible for crimes such as these should face criminal prosecution.

Only when doctors can rely on ‘scientific evidence’ provided by Big Pharma will patients receive the correct treatment and not take part in a lottery.

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Patients share their experiences of CKT treatments in their own words. Chirokinetic Therapy (CKT) is an outstanding treatment, for many of today’s ills. It aims to balance the body’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs allowing harmony to be restored. It works by correcting imbalances and redirecting energy to depleted areas.

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Chirokinetic Therapy (CKT) is an outstanding treatment, for many of today’s ills. It aims to balance the body’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs allowing harmony to be restored. It works by correcting imbalances and redirecting energy to depleted areas.

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thermography-vs-mammogramThe Department of Health has said it will revise the advice it gives to women before breast cancer screening, following a report showing the programme prevents deaths, but also results in over diagnosis. The meta-analysis of evidence found women who are invited to a breast cancer screening had a 20% reduced relative risk of dying from breast cancer compared with women who arent invited to screening. But they also found the chance of over diagnosis was just over 1% for the roughly 307, 000 women aged 50 to 52 years who are invited to begin screening every year. Jointly-commissioned by Cancer Research UK and the DH, the independent panel concluded that the benefits of early detection and treatment with screening outweighed the harms, but added that women should be made aware of the risks so they can make an informed decision.

The report has led to a review of the information provided by the NHS when women are invited for screening. The panel conducted a meta-analysis of 11 randomised control trials assessing whether breast cancer screening resulted in fewer deaths and the evidence for over-diagnosis, compared with no screening. Although they acknowledged that there were limitations to the studies- all of which took place more than 20 years ago – they found the current breast cancer screening programme, which invites all women aged 50 to 70 years to screening every three years, prevented about 1,300 deaths from breast cancer a year.

It also found that each year around 4,000 breast cancers are over diagnosed – with women receiving treatments such as surgery, radiotherapy and medication for cancers that may not have come to clinical attention in the womans lifetime were it not for screening. The panel estimated that for the 10,000 women invited to screening from age 50 for 20 years, about 681 cancers will be found. Of those, 129 represent over diagnosis, and 43 deaths will be prevented.

Fortunately mammograms are not the only option, thermal imaging is not only radiation free, it also detects breast problems before they reach the stage where mammography is able to detect them. For further information regarding thermography contact Bill Bradford MD.

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Explore the significant benefits such as increased oxygen levels which are supportive for all areas of the body, particularly the major organs, blood circulation and lymphatic circulation. This method is of great benefit to women with breast issues. Cancer cells hate oxygen and cannot survive in a body that is flooded with oxygen.

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cows-milk-allergy-joyI received this from my PA the other day, I thought I would share it with you.
Whilst waiting in the Fish and Chip shop yesterday eve I had the dubious pleasure of glancing through the only available newspaper, The Sun. This article caught my eye:-

Cows Milk Allergy Joy!

A genetically modified cow is producing milk without a protein that causes millions of people to have allergic reactions. Samples of the milk show it has no beta-lactoglobulin, the main cause of lactose intolerance. Human breast milk does not contain the protein. The young New Zealand cow’s DNA was genetically altered to block the production of beta-lactoglobulin. Milk from the cow, which was born without a tail, also has high levels of calcium – a quality prized by cheesemakers. Researchers say more tests are necessary to see if similar milk can be produced by adult cows. Article ends.

So there we go, pharmaceutical companies produce the allergies in humans in the first place with the drug chain, creating allergic reactions to a food which is not designed for human consumption but created by nature for baby cows, which causes untold anguish to dairy cows then scientists create a Frankenstein cow with no tail to cure the problem. Modern science and medicine? Hmmm……

Cup of tea anyone? Want milk with that?

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goutAnother interesting article this time regarding gout, by Dr Mark Porter in the Body, Soul and Health section of the The Times on the October 9th.
I just thought you might like an alternative view from my pen on this excruciatingly painful condition. Gout is usually caused by an acid up situation in the body. As it is a generic term involving 5 different crystal deposition diseases, its not the complete picture. Conventional medicine anti-inflammatories and a daily dose of Allopurinol as a preventative.

Hydration is rightly stated as another important factor, where water is highlighted as the key element. However, this is not the complete picture, as water on its own does not hydrate the body, it requires electrolytes, in fact excessive amounts of water can stress the kidneys. To enable the kidneys to work effectively, the electrolytes required are mainly potassium and sodium, also magnesium and chloride.

If you would like to see a more natural approach to this problem, then visit my Natural Health Tips page.

Next week, I will be considering eye problems and offering solutions for styes, conjunctivitis, dry or weepy eyes and more.

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healthier-breastsThere are several things we should avoid when focussing on our breast health, particularly where lymphatic drainage is concerned.

    Avoid wherever possible under wired bras, either metal or plastic as it restricts the flow of lymph from the breast area. Metal is by far the worse as it also tends to act as an aerial picking up radio and microwaves as well as impeding the natural flow of lymph.
    Avoid using under arm anti-perspirants, which is a BIG no no, use instead a deodorant such as cologne. Your armpits are designed to perspire, not to be blocked with things to stop them doing that!

      I know this next suggestion is unlikely to make me your favourite person, but here goes any way. I have a theory that nature did not provide under arm hair so that we could shave it off. In fact I believe that it stimulates the axillary lymph nodes to work more effectively, so by removing it we deny the body this nature intended facility.

    Next time I will look at some of the simple things that enhance breast health.

    If you are unhappy with the condition of your breasts and wish to make a major improvement, follow the programme in my book which includes further details on all the tips given: Every Woman’s Guide to Vital Breast Health.

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medical-dogmaIn any walk of life it is a good idea to be able to keep more than one idea in your head at the same time and when it comes to healthcare, it is essential. As a case in point, one idea that seems to be fixed in the minds of the medical profession is in relation to the rise in Pertussis (whooping cough).
Despite the fact that there is a high uptake of the Pertussis vaccine, the incidence of whooping cough is increasing. This would, to me at least, suggest that the vaccine is not providing the promised protection against this disease. Or possibly does not work at all? This being the most likely explanation for the increase in whooping cough cases, how can the answer to the problem be yet more of the same vaccine?

The continuation of this one idea is to vaccinate pregnant women, in the hope that new born babies will be protected. Apart from the fact this particular vaccine is failing to provide protection against Pertussis, how sure can one be that acquired immunity will pass to the unborn child from the mother in the same way that natural immunity works? Is there any medical evidence I wonder that supports this hypothesis?

If protection does in fact transmit to the unborn, then why is it that mothers who have been vaccinated, also need to have their babies vaccinated, surely there is no need for this if the theory works in practice?

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