cancer-cureNature has our cancer cure and this is good news because cancer is one of the scariest diseases in the world, and hearing this diagnosis will make anyone tremble. This disease is associated with death, and hearing this diagnosis many people have only one question: “How long do I have to live?”.

There are many people who fight this disease, and among them, there are many who lose the fight. Rick Simpson is a man who was in that situation, and like many others before him, there was a moment when he lost hope. After trying the traditional treatment received in a hospital, he soon enough realized that it was not working. What is different about Rick Simpson is the fact that he didn’t give up, and remembering about an alternative treatment heard at a local radio, he decided to try.

The method tried is unconventional since it is based on cannabis oil, this being the reason it is dismissed by many doctors and researchers. After he had successfully cured his own cancer, Rick Simpson decided to help other people, and he gives them this oil for free, curing a large amount of people who were seriously ill. This man saved lives without asking for anything in return, and even if his story gets to the point where there is a warrant on his name for illegal cultivation of cannabis, his message is now throughout the world.

All those who are looking for a cure for cancer should definitely consider Rick Simpson’s oil, which is an efficient method to cure cancer, preserving the body’s natural health. This method is less invasive and more efficient than the well-known chemotherapy, and it should be considered by anyone who is in the situation of losing their life. Unfortunately chemotherapy is maintaining its powerful status in the process of fighting cancer, and even if it has been proved to have a fatal toxic effect upon the body, it is still used by many. This happens because they decide to believe the word of a specialist. For some of them this decision may cost their life, and there are many people who die because of this invasive treatment. Cannabis oil is hardly comparable with chemotherapy which typically suggests a 30% success rate against cannibis oil, which boasts 80-90% chance of being completely cured. In addition chemotherapy (Mustard Gas!) is so toxic to the body and has such a devastating effect on the bodys general health many people may be dyng from the treatment but statistics will also blame the cancer and never the treatment.

Right now the choice is entirely up to you, since you are the only one who knows what is best for your body, but before you make a decision think seriously about it. There are many people who dismiss cannabis because it is actually considered a drug used by so many people, especially teenagers. Make sure that in your fight against a considered drug you don’t end up hurting yourself or those you love. There are many people who are psychologically addicted to using cannabis, but this is not the plant’s fault, rather an independent decision of consuming it. Rick Simpson’s oil is not a drug, it is a natural herbal cure and we can only hope that soon enough there will be serious research conducted on the health giving benefits of cannibis oil by some of the large Cancer Research organisations.

I urge anybody who is personally affected by cancer to research for themselves, the information is out there, you just have to open your eyes.

Don’t feel hopeless because there is hope!

The truth is lives could be saved if only people would be more receptive to using this amazing natural product that has many positive health benefits.

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