Mothers LoveThe harmony between mother and baby is very important, particularly during the pregnancy. Apart from all the usual considerations, sensible diet, plenty of fresh air, rest and avoiding unhelpful products such as tobacco and alcohol it is also clearly important to have as peaceful environment as possible and have both parents to be in a calm and relaxed state. The way we live now makes it harder to achieve this but there are always ways to achieve a more relaxed body and frame of mind, your baby will thank you for that. Following on from this, the more natural the birthing process, the better for both mother and child.
My daughter produced a fine healthy baby girl just over 4 years ago, at home in a birthing pool, following the hypnobirthing method. She says “It was a totally harmonious experience, particularly as it was pain free without any medical intervention”. Hypnobirthing is a wonderful way to go through the birthing process and there is plenty of information available on the internet to find a practitioner and gain more information. Another important factor concerning harmony in the newly born is to avoid cutting the umbilical cord before it has stopped pulsating, as vital elements are being transferred to the baby from the mother, this factor tends to be overlooked in a busy hospital environment where time is always of the essence. Ideally, the gestation and birthing of a child should be as much as possible as nature intended, not to deadlines dictated by bank holidays or busy periods and lack of bed space in hospitals. Inducing birth because a baby has not come at the time dictated by the time charts of the hospital can be distressing for the mother and child, sometimes it is preferable for the baby to come when he or she wants to, as nature intends.

My next blog will carry on with the theme of harmony, I am feeling the need for harmony in 2013! I will focus next time on harmony in the circulatory system.

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