more-about-eyesAs promised, a couple of useful tips to help with weepy eyes and eyesight affected due to degeneration.

Weepy Eyes – This annoying and distressing condition is often due to situations in the body other than the eyes themselves.

It may seem strange, but quite often it is the kidneys which are under stress rather than the eyes.

Requirements – Parsley – use as described in previous eye tip as a compress and an eye bath. Apart from using parsley in this way, eat the odd handful during the day. Also take internally the herbal drops Dandelion Leaf and Uva Ursi. These taken together are particularly useful as a kidney support, the combination of these two can be purchased from Directions for taking will be on the bottle.

Degenerative Conditions – For these conditions, I have found the following procedures to be useful.

Requirements – Colmans mustard powder, two bowls and two flannels.

Method – Mustard foot bath as previously described in Asthma and breathing difficulty tip.

Hot and Cold Hydrotherapy as described in the Gout tip, use the flannels to apply hot and then cold water to the eyes. Use this method twice a day, morning and evening, it is incredibly strengthening and effective.

I advise you to check this out with your optician and if they agree, follow the procedure and have your eyes rechecked in a month. If there is improvement continue for another month and again have your eyesight rechecked by your optician. If no changes have occurred within the first month then sadly changes are unlikely to occur with this method.

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