its-all-about-needlesTwo articles that recently appeared on the 5th September 2012 are worthy of comment. One in the Daily Mail regarding Acupuncture in the NHS, the other in The Times investigating the effects of a rogue strain of the MMR. In The Times article by Dominic Kennedy it highlights the effect of the vaccination on Katie Stephen who was given it at 15 months of age and she became unwell 13 days later, losing hearing in her left ear. Katie is the first known victim to prove her case to the vaccine damage payments unit. But has been refused the 12,000 pay out for vaccine injury as she still has hearing in her right ear.

Apparently 5.4 million children between 1988-1992 received the vaccine before it was withdrawn because it caused meningitis. Which makes Andrew Wakefield assertion that the MMR jab either causes, or contributes, to autism even more credible. In Dr Mark Porter commentary on Katie plight, he mentions his younger sister deafness due to her mother contracting rubella when pregnant. He goes on to say if the MMR vaccine had been available at that time his mother would have been protected against rubella saving his sister from becoming deaf.

My wondering is, she may have possibly developed meningitis or lost the hearing in one ear, like Katie, due to the vaccine. It’s all about the risk/reward ratio. The only people who seem not to be sharing the risks are the manufacturers of the vaccine, the pharmaceutical companies. Surely they should automatically be held responsible and be required to pay compensation to all vaccine damaged people? Why should it fall to the government and therefore the tax payer?

The second article which appeared in the Daily Mail concerned the Hidden perils of Acupuncture administered by NHS practitioners, written by Sophie Borland, their health reporter, citing lost needles, punctured lungs and some patients fainting. The study was published in the International Journal of Risk and Safety in Medicine, where researchers reported 325 cases of patients coming to harm following Acupuncture at the hands of the NHS. These included 100 cases of needles being left inside the body, 63 where patients lost consciousness and a further 99 people feeling dizzy or faint. Another 5 patients are said to have suffered collapsed lungs, due to needles accidentally penetrating their chests.

At present, Acupuncture is only prescribed on the NHS to treat lower back pain, the needles used are very fine. In fact sometimes so fine, that they are barely visible to the naked eye. This makes me wonder just how they can manage to puncture the chest cavity with such fine needles, through skin, muscles of the erector spinae, also the muscles of inspiration and through the pleura to the chest cavity?

It also makes me wonder if all NHS Acupuncturists are trained fully? Because to me, it sounds more like bayonet practice than Acupuncture. Perhaps they have been trained by the Marines?

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