how-to-treat-arthritisThis age old problem includes many different types of arthritis, all involving some disorder or inflammation of the joints. Two of the most common forms are Osteo-Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis, which affect millions of people in Britain. A third common form is Gout caused by uric acid crystals collecting in the sufferers joints. But all forms of arthritis are made worse by an acid forming diet, a list of alkaline forming foods will be provided in the members area on the site.

The most effective herb that I have seen very favourable results for is Devils Claw, taken as a tincture in warm water. Research by drug companies confirm that this herb contains Glycosides which are powerful anti-inflammatory agents.

You may find this next tip amusing but do not discount it!! I have seen it work almost miraculously for several people with osteo arthritis. That is, to carry a whole nutmeg, ideally in a pocket close to the body at all times, may sound crazy but what you can lose by trying it?

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