severe back pain“Having had severe back pain for nearly 2 years, in desperation, I was persuaded to have a micro-discectomy operation, which the surgeon promised would mean I would be pain free. The theory of the bulging disc not pressing on the nerve any more was sound but post operation, I was still in excruciating pain, my lower back nerves still jangling, my body feeling weak and fragile. I wanted to help myself but since I hardly had the strength to walk around Tesco, I couldn’t bear the thought of going back to the Chiropractor or Physiotherapist to be physically manipulated.

A friend told me about CKT and I liked the idea of the gentle way the body could be treated. I went for a treatment and was taking 14 tablets a day – for pain, inflammation and nerves. After only 7 treatments, I was off all the tablets except 4 co-codamol for pain which gradually was replaced, on the recommendation of the practitioner, with Arnica.

During one of our treatments, I mentioned that our horse Cherry was off colour and was delighted that the treatment could be extended. The practitioner connected to our horse through me. As well as CKT identifying how the horse could be helped, it had the added benefit of making our relationship much closer. I felt as if I really understood what she was thinking.

I felt that if I could learn CKT and help other owners connect with their horses in this way, how much better a horses’ life could be – and their owners of course!

The course was incredible. We learned from the Master in a small group and found out things about the body and ourselves that we never imagined possible. We were shown a way to treat a body so that it can be can truly enabled to self-heal.

The content was put over practically, in a logical and engaging way – our mantra was to keep it simple. I thoroughly enjoyed it and met some wonderful people.

Now I’m able to help both humans and animals in the safe and certain knowledge that what I do is the right thing for that individual.

Feeling much stronger and pain-free, I hope that I can now help to spread the word about the many benefits of treatment with CKT, so that others can benefit the way I have.”

Kind regards


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