healthier-breastsThere are several things we should avoid when focussing on our breast health, particularly where lymphatic drainage is concerned.

    Avoid wherever possible under wired bras, either metal or plastic as it restricts the flow of lymph from the breast area. Metal is by far the worse as it also tends to act as an aerial picking up radio and microwaves as well as impeding the natural flow of lymph.
    Avoid using under arm anti-perspirants, which is a BIG no no, use instead a deodorant such as cologne. Your armpits are designed to perspire, not to be blocked with things to stop them doing that!

      I know this next suggestion is unlikely to make me your favourite person, but here goes any way. I have a theory that nature did not provide under arm hair so that we could shave it off. In fact I believe that it stimulates the axillary lymph nodes to work more effectively, so by removing it we deny the body this nature intended facility.

    Next time I will look at some of the simple things that enhance breast health.

    If you are unhappy with the condition of your breasts and wish to make a major improvement, follow the programme in my book which includes further details on all the tips given: Every Woman’s Guide to Vital Breast Health.

    Originally posted 2012-10-05 22:15:05.

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