goutAnother interesting article this time regarding gout, by Dr Mark Porter in the Body, Soul and Health section of the The Times on the October 9th.
I just thought you might like an alternative view from my pen on this excruciatingly painful condition. Gout is usually caused by an acid up situation in the body. As it is a generic term involving 5 different crystal deposition diseases, its not the complete picture. Conventional medicine anti-inflammatories and a daily dose of Allopurinol as a preventative.

Hydration is rightly stated as another important factor, where water is highlighted as the key element. However, this is not the complete picture, as water on its own does not hydrate the body, it requires electrolytes, in fact excessive amounts of water can stress the kidneys. To enable the kidneys to work effectively, the electrolytes required are mainly potassium and sodium, also magnesium and chloride.

If you would like to see a more natural approach to this problem, then visit my Natural Health Tips page.

Next week, I will be considering eye problems and offering solutions for styes, conjunctivitis, dry or weepy eyes and more.

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