Ulmus rubra - Slippery ElmMost of us tend to overdo it during the festive season, giving rise to indigestion. There are a host of antacid medications available, but you may find it preferable to restore the correct balance in the digestive system in a more natural way.

If so, try this – Separate starch and protein in a meal by 4 hours, this means that you eat meat or other proteins with vegetables in a meal but avoid starches such as potataoes, rice, bread and pasta. In another meal, 4 hours or more later, have starchy foods with vegetables or salad avoiding the proteins. Also do not combine vegetables with fruit, separate by 1 – 2 hours. This would include having tomatoes with salad, as an example.

A brilliant herb called Slippery Elm is particularly helpful if you are suffering from acid indigestion. It tends to combine with the stomach acid allowing it to be carried through the body and excreted through the gut as well as the kidneys. It has a very soothing effect helping to restore the balance without the need for antacid medications.

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