cows-milk-allergy-joyI received this from my PA the other day, I thought I would share it with you.
Whilst waiting in the Fish and Chip shop yesterday eve I had the dubious pleasure of glancing through the only available newspaper, The Sun. This article caught my eye:-

Cows Milk Allergy Joy!

A genetically modified cow is producing milk without a protein that causes millions of people to have allergic reactions. Samples of the milk show it has no beta-lactoglobulin, the main cause of lactose intolerance. Human breast milk does not contain the protein. The young New Zealand cow’s DNA was genetically altered to block the production of beta-lactoglobulin. Milk from the cow, which was born without a tail, also has high levels of calcium – a quality prized by cheesemakers. Researchers say more tests are necessary to see if similar milk can be produced by adult cows. Article ends.

So there we go, pharmaceutical companies produce the allergies in humans in the first place with the drug chain, creating allergic reactions to a food which is not designed for human consumption but created by nature for baby cows, which causes untold anguish to dairy cows then scientists create a Frankenstein cow with no tail to cure the problem. Modern science and medicine? Hmmm……

Cup of tea anyone? Want milk with that?

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