how-sceptical-are-youOn a scale of 1 to 10 where do you sit when it comes to natural, complimentary alternative medicine (CAD) and treatment philosophy?
Most of those suffering from allergies who decide to try the CKT allergy treatment, do so because there is little on offer in conventional medicine other than to treat the symptoms. But often they don’t rate the chance of a successful outcome at even 5 out of 10 50/50.The reason for this is mainly because their doctor and possibly also an allergy specialist have insisted that “there is no possible cure for an allergy”.

Jake who was allergic to prawns and most other shellfish was a total sceptic, I meet up with him once a month when a group of us do a sort of masterminding. During one meeting he happened to mention that he was allergic to prawns and most other shellfish. On hearing this, I asked him if he would like to try to the CKT treatment we use in the allergy freedom programme, as I thought it may prove helpful in reducing his symptoms.

After some deliberation Jake decided to have a go, saying that “I have to point out that whatever you may say to the contrary, I don’t give this the remotest chance of working, and I have sought advice from experts who assure me that no such remedy exists”. It’s easy of course to understand this misconception, being unkind one might even suggest that allergy specialists specialise in not treating allergies.

As we only see each other once a month, the treatment pattern did not follow the usual protocol and took place in a rowdy meeting room. Despite this after the second treatment I felt confident that Jake’s allergy was history but gave two follow up sessions before giving him the all clear.

Jake is delighted with the results of his treatment, while on holiday in Devon as his allergy is nonlife threatening, he gorged not only on prawns, but also on crab and lobster with no adverse reaction. That’s allergy freedom for you! I just love treating people with allergies, from infants to the elderly using this relatively simple and very safe technique, being allergy free is for them a new way of living.

If you’re another sceptic or even if you’re not you might like to take advantage of a free consultation, If so visit

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