Ulmus rubra - Slippery ElmMost of us tend to overdo it during the festive season, giving rise to indigestion. There are a host of antacid medications available, but you may find it preferable to restore the correct balance in the digestive system in a more natural way.

If so, try this – Separate starch and protein in a meal by 4 hours, this means that you eat meat or other proteins with vegetables in a meal but avoid starches such as potataoes, rice, bread and pasta. In another meal, 4 hours or more later, have starchy foods with vegetables or salad avoiding the proteins. Also do not combine vegetables with fruit, separate by 1 – 2 hours. This would include having tomatoes with salad, as an example.

A brilliant herb called Slippery Elm is particularly helpful if you are suffering from acid indigestion. It tends to combine with the stomach acid allowing it to be carried through the body and excreted through the gut as well as the kidneys. It has a very soothing effect helping to restore the balance without the need for antacid medications.

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cold-soresAs you may know, cold sores are caused by the Herpes Simplex 1 virus which resides in the nasal passages or nerves. If you are a sufferer then you will be well aware just how painful and embarrassing this condition can be. There are of course medical treatments available which are effective in reducing symptoms but do not always provide a cure.

Try this method instead – Using essential oil of Melissa (Lemon Balm Leaf) dab onto the site of the breakout at the first sign of attack. Repeat every 30minutes until they disappear then apply to the inside of the nasal passages three times per day for 3 days. If you do this every time you experience the symptoms you should succeed in vanquishing the causal virus and attacks should no longer occur.

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ins-and-outs-of-dietsThere are a quite baffling number of diets suggested, all aimed at improving our health in some way or another. Really, this short piece is more about the outs than the ins, that is the relationship between what leaves the body to that which is ingested. So how can we evaluate whether or not our diet is truly suitable? The following are some useful and maybe even fun ways of forming an opinion!

Firstly, after your main meal of the day, take a level teaspoon full of cochineal – that bright red food colouring. This should be easy to spot and should leave the body in 36 hours, not much sooner and not much longer. 2 to 4 days is reasonable and if the colouring appears within 1 day or in perhaps 5 days then your diet is likely to be unsuitable for your body’s needs.

So what of the stools themselves? They should be sausage shaped, leave the body effortlessly and cleanly with no need to wipe. They should also float just below the surface of the water, if they immediately sink then this usually indicates too much fibre in the diet and if they float above the surface then there is either unmetabolised fat or gas present.

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immune-supportWith the cold and flu season upon us it is a good idea to be prepared and to stock a few useful items.

Garlic – I prefer power garlic capsules (suppliers below) which are easy to take and of very high quality. Garlic capsules which are either LOW or NO odour are next to useless because the main active ingredient Allicin (the smelly bit) has been removed! For maximum benefit you need to take a suitable dose because if the product is not available to the body in sufficient quantity it never reaches the therapeutic level required. For a person weighing 55-75 kilos, 4 capsules per day, 6 days per week is usually a beneficial dosage, obviously take less for lower body weight and more if you are heavier. (That dosage is based on 1 capsule equating to 1 clove of garlic).

Echinacea and Calendula – When experiencing symptoms associated with a virus, taking a dose of Echinacaea and Calendula I find most helpful. 25 drops of each in fairly warm water twice a day is usually very supportive, especially if taken at the onset. Continue until you are symptom free.

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healthier-breasts-part2Obviously it is not possible to gain healthier breasts without improving your overall body health. Diet and exercise are the two most prominent features but you do not need to be a fanatic, just take positive, regular action. Firstly diet. It is best to aim for a more alkaline balance, as this enables the body to retain a higher level of oxygen, which is of course very beneficial for the whole body, not just for healthy breasts. An easy way to start with is to simply separate starch and protein in the main meal of the day by four hours. Do this three or four times a week as it tends to incline the body towards less acidity and therefore more alkalinity.

Exercise is of course always helpful but it does not necessarily mean going down the gym twice a day. Walking, swimming, and stretching routines like Pilates or Yoga are great. Abdominal breathing is just terrific.

Also splashing the breasts with cold water after a shower or hot bath invigorates and tones.

Hydrotherapy is better still, even if only practised two or three times a week.

If you are unhappy with the condition of your breasts and wish to make a major improvement, follow the programme in my book which includes further details on all the tips given. Every Woman’s Guide to Vital Breast Health.

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Explore the significant benefits such as increased oxygen levels which are supportive for all areas of the body, particularly the major organs, blood circulation and lymphatic circulation. This method is of great benefit to women with breast issues. Cancer cells hate oxygen and cannot survive in a body that is flooded with oxygen.

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healthier-breastsThere are several things we should avoid when focussing on our breast health, particularly where lymphatic drainage is concerned.

    Avoid wherever possible under wired bras, either metal or plastic as it restricts the flow of lymph from the breast area. Metal is by far the worse as it also tends to act as an aerial picking up radio and microwaves as well as impeding the natural flow of lymph.
    Avoid using under arm anti-perspirants, which is a BIG no no, use instead a deodorant such as cologne. Your armpits are designed to perspire, not to be blocked with things to stop them doing that!

      I know this next suggestion is unlikely to make me your favourite person, but here goes any way. I have a theory that nature did not provide under arm hair so that we could shave it off. In fact I believe that it stimulates the axillary lymph nodes to work more effectively, so by removing it we deny the body this nature intended facility.

    Next time I will look at some of the simple things that enhance breast health.

    If you are unhappy with the condition of your breasts and wish to make a major improvement, follow the programme in my book which includes further details on all the tips given: Every Woman’s Guide to Vital Breast Health.

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ice-ice-babyThe tip this week is for resolving Fibrous issues, Uterine Fibroids, Scar Tissue including post-operative Adhesions, Polycystic Ovaries and Breast Cysts.
Three case studies.

The first was a woman who I was treating for her Allergies, whilst she was lying on the couch I noticed she had her legs drawn up and assumed she was suffering back pain. But I was mistaken her discomfort was in fact due to post – operative adhesions resulting from an earlier Hysterectomy, which now required further surgery to remove the scar tissue.

I recommended her to follow this simple procedure which she undertook for several weeks. When she attended an appointment with her surgeon she was given the all clear, no further treatment required.

The second was a woman with a Uterine Fibroid the size of a grapefruit, following this simple plan she resolved the problem in less than 10 weeks.

The third was a woman with multiple Breast Cysts who again resolved the issue this time in less than 3 weeks using this simple technique.

Requirements – A small bowl to hold 4 ice cubes and a towel.

Method – Run the ice slightly under the tap to remove stickiness, once wet, rub the ice over the area of concern, using each of the 4 ice cubes in turn as one melts away start on the next until all 4 have been used. It is important to move the ice over the skin fairly briskly as the idea is to invigorate the area rather than to freeze it. The towel is to catch the drips as you sit watching the TV.

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more-about-eyesAs promised, a couple of useful tips to help with weepy eyes and eyesight affected due to degeneration.

Weepy Eyes – This annoying and distressing condition is often due to situations in the body other than the eyes themselves.

It may seem strange, but quite often it is the kidneys which are under stress rather than the eyes.

Requirements – Parsley – use as described in previous eye tip as a compress and an eye bath. Apart from using parsley in this way, eat the odd handful during the day. Also take internally the herbal drops Dandelion Leaf and Uva Ursi. These taken together are particularly useful as a kidney support, the combination of these two can be purchased from www.shs100.com. Directions for taking will be on the bottle.

Degenerative Conditions – For these conditions, I have found the following procedures to be useful.

Requirements – Colmans mustard powder, two bowls and two flannels.

Method – Mustard foot bath as previously described in Asthma and breathing difficulty tip.

Hot and Cold Hydrotherapy as described in the Gout tip, use the flannels to apply hot and then cold water to the eyes. Use this method twice a day, morning and evening, it is incredibly strengthening and effective.

I advise you to check this out with your optician and if they agree, follow the procedure and have your eyes rechecked in a month. If there is improvement continue for another month and again have your eyesight rechecked by your optician. If no changes have occurred within the first month then sadly changes are unlikely to occur with this method.

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sore-eyesThere are of course many different eye conditions and causes, today I am suggesting solutions for conjunctivitis, styes and dry or weepy eyes. Next week we will look at degenerative conditions.
Products required Parsley, Colmans Mustard Powder.

Method – Hot mustard foot bath to draw the problem down (as explained in ‘Asthma Other Breathing Difficulties’ Tip)

Use a bunch of parsley to make an eye bath. Thoroughly wash the parsley. Tear off the tops, place in a jug and pour in 300ml of boiling water. Allow to cool completely.

Drain off liquid and use this to irrigate the eye, if applying to both eyes wash the eye bath well between applications to avoid cross infection.

Compress – To make a parsley compress use the parsley leaves left in the jug. They need to be wet, wrapped in muslin or handkerchief and placed over the affected closed eye and held gently in place with a crepe bandage or similar, leave on overnight.

May sound too simple but it really works! Weepy eyes can be connected to kidney function so more on that next week.

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