antibioticsBy now. it is probable that most people realise that life threatening bacterial infections are rising unchecked. Our good old friend penicillin is becoming less effective day by day and even cocktails of powerful antibiotics aren’t providing an answer to the problem, leaving doctors powerless to deal with a variety of life threatening infections. Unless of course they consider the benefits provided by nature’s own antibiotics.

Here are a few that may prove helpful

Propolis: a substance made by bees to keep their hives bacteria free, bee hives are one of the most sterile places Known due to this amazing product.

Honey: In a recently released study, researchers from the Salve Regina University in Newport, Rode Island, reaffirmed that raw honey is one of the best natural antibiotics you can have.
“The unique property of honey lies in its ability to fight infection on multiple levels, making it more difficult for bacteria to develop resistance,” she said.

Honey uses a combination of weapons including polyphenols, hydrogen peroxide and an osmotic effect. Honey is practically an ambidextrous fighter, using multiple modalities to kill bacteria.

Colloidal silver: As noted by Gregory A. Gore, in his book, Defeat Cancer:

Silver was used 1,200 years ago by Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, sailors, and then by the pioneers who populated our country. They used it for various illnesses and to keep their foods and liquids from spoiling. Prior to 1938, before antibiotics, colloidal silver was used by doctors as their main substance to fight bacteria in a morenatural way than through the antibiotics they use today. Antibiotics can harm our kidneys and liver functions. Colloidal silver promotes healing.

Pascalite: This is a type of bentonite clay found only in the mountains of Wyoming. It possesses remarkable healing powers. When it is used topically, it is known for its ability to draw infections from wounds in a matter of hours or days, thereby bringing about total recovery. The first recorded use of Pascalite was in the early 1930s when a trapper named Emile Pascal set his traps near a cold, clear mountain lake, where he had noticed a large number of animal tracks; after getting some of it on his chapped hands, he noticed some time later that it appeared to help them. So he continued to experiment with the substance and found that it had a number of topical uses, including for burns, minor wounds and infections.

Turmeric: This herb has been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for many thousands of years to treat a wide range of infections. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities have been known to be highly effective in the treatment of bacterial infections. It can also be used topically for MRSA and additional lesions of the skin.

Oil of Oregano: This is an essential oil known best for its bacteria-killing abilities, as well as controlling staph infections like MRSA. It contains antioxidant, antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic and pain-relieving properties. In 2001, Science Daily reported on a Georgetown University study which found that oregano oil’s germ-killing properties were nearly as effective as most antibiotics.

Tea tree oil: This is also a very potent and essential oil that has been shown to be effective in killing antibiotic-resistant MRSA on the skin. One important note: Therapeutic-grade tea tree oil must be used undiluted if it is to be used for this purpose.

Olive leaf extract: This substance has been used for a number of centuries to battle bacterial infections and is now currently being used as well to fight MRSA infections in some European hospitals. It provides immune system support while fighting antibiotic-resistant infections.

Garlic: This tasteful seasoning veggie has been used for medicinal purposes around the world for thousands of years. It was even used in the 1700s to ward off the plague. It possesses very potent anti- bacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. In Roman times garlic and honey were used in combination by physicians to aid healing, terrible wounds were treated in this way to great effect.

Echinacea: This compound has been used to treat aging and a wide variety of infections for centuries. It was traditionally used to treat open wounds, as well as blood poisoning, diphtheria and other bacteria-related illnesses. Today, it is used mostly to treat colds and flu.

Goldenseal: This is one of the most popular herbs sold on the American market and has recently gained a reputation as an herbal antibiotic and immune system enhancer. American Indians used goldenseal as a medication for inflammatory internal conditions such as respiratory, digestive and genitourinary tract inflammation induced by allergy or infection, according to

Calendula: This is a favourite of mine, I have known it to heal open wounds infected with MRSA where antibiotics have failed

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cancer-cureNature has our cancer cure and this is good news because cancer is one of the scariest diseases in the world, and hearing this diagnosis will make anyone tremble. This disease is associated with death, and hearing this diagnosis many people have only one question: “How long do I have to live?”.

There are many people who fight this disease, and among them, there are many who lose the fight. Rick Simpson is a man who was in that situation, and like many others before him, there was a moment when he lost hope. After trying the traditional treatment received in a hospital, he soon enough realized that it was not working. What is different about Rick Simpson is the fact that he didn’t give up, and remembering about an alternative treatment heard at a local radio, he decided to try.

The method tried is unconventional since it is based on cannabis oil, this being the reason it is dismissed by many doctors and researchers. After he had successfully cured his own cancer, Rick Simpson decided to help other people, and he gives them this oil for free, curing a large amount of people who were seriously ill. This man saved lives without asking for anything in return, and even if his story gets to the point where there is a warrant on his name for illegal cultivation of cannabis, his message is now throughout the world.

All those who are looking for a cure for cancer should definitely consider Rick Simpson’s oil, which is an efficient method to cure cancer, preserving the body’s natural health. This method is less invasive and more efficient than the well-known chemotherapy, and it should be considered by anyone who is in the situation of losing their life. Unfortunately chemotherapy is maintaining its powerful status in the process of fighting cancer, and even if it has been proved to have a fatal toxic effect upon the body, it is still used by many. This happens because they decide to believe the word of a specialist. For some of them this decision may cost their life, and there are many people who die because of this invasive treatment. Cannabis oil is hardly comparable with chemotherapy which typically suggests a 30% success rate against cannibis oil, which boasts 80-90% chance of being completely cured. In addition chemotherapy (Mustard Gas!) is so toxic to the body and has such a devastating effect on the bodys general health many people may be dyng from the treatment but statistics will also blame the cancer and never the treatment.

Right now the choice is entirely up to you, since you are the only one who knows what is best for your body, but before you make a decision think seriously about it. There are many people who dismiss cannabis because it is actually considered a drug used by so many people, especially teenagers. Make sure that in your fight against a considered drug you don’t end up hurting yourself or those you love. There are many people who are psychologically addicted to using cannabis, but this is not the plant’s fault, rather an independent decision of consuming it. Rick Simpson’s oil is not a drug, it is a natural herbal cure and we can only hope that soon enough there will be serious research conducted on the health giving benefits of cannibis oil by some of the large Cancer Research organisations.

I urge anybody who is personally affected by cancer to research for themselves, the information is out there, you just have to open your eyes.

Don’t feel hopeless because there is hope!

The truth is lives could be saved if only people would be more receptive to using this amazing natural product that has many positive health benefits.

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Breast Health Seminar – In this seminar I discuss a variety of techniques and practical steps that can be followed in order to maintain and promote breast health. As yet all those following the advice in the programme have experienced not just an improvement in breast health but also an improvement in their general wellbeing.

All these steps are taken from my book

Every Woman’s Guide to Vital Breast Health

Order your copy today and take a step towards self empowerment by reclaiming control of your own health.









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janey lee grace

Janey Lee Grace Radio Show – Can Allergies be cured Naturally? In 2003 The Royal College of Physicians found that over 18 million people in the UK were receiving treatment for allergies at a cost of £900 Million.
It’s all summed up in this letter from a 9 year old patient.

“I feel really upset because I have so many allergies to dairy, soya, eggs, nuts, fish, wheat and latex. I can’t eat food that I would like to try, I feel left out in birthday parties, I feel that I am the only one with so many allergies and I think why me? I wish that there could be more doctors so that they can find a cure so I could get better and be like everyone else”. Y, aged 9.

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allergies-can-be-confusingAs an example of just how confusing an allergies can be, I thought it might be useful to share this case history.

The subject was a woman in her thirties suffering from urticaria (nettle rash), which almost daily covered her body with what she described as “bunches of grapes”. Antihistamines usually successfully quelled the attack, but the problem she had was finding the allergen which triggered the attack.

Firstly she suspected her shower gel, shampoo, deodorant and various soaps, so she switched to using only hypoallergenic products or those containing only natural substances to no avail, the problem still persisted. She then changed her washing powder and fabric softener, trying various different products which also failed to provide any relief from her symptoms.

It was quite a puzzle, neither skin prick or blood testing had revealed anything helpful, she was at her wits end, there just seemed to be no answer to her allergy. When she visited me for a consultation she was very gloomy, particularly as muscle testing – my preferred method – also failed to identify the likely trigger. It wasn’t in fact until we were talking things over that something she said got me thinking.

What she said was “I’m going to stay with my mother for a few days which will be a relief as I don’t get it there”. She thought it was in all probability due to her mums cooking, but I considered this unlikely as I had tested her for food intolerances which had proved negative. She then went on to say “I don’t have the problem either when I go on holiday, but I can’t be on holiday or at my mums all the time”.

It then occurred to me that – mad as it may seem – the only constant at home which changed when she was away was her water supply, which might also explain why the attack occurred after taking a shower. I asked her to bring a sample of her tap water with her on her next visit, so that I could test it to see if she was reacting and if she wasn’t at least it would be ruled out.

On her next visit I tested for a reaction to her tap water which showed positive, this proved to be the breakthrough. I was then able to establish the ‘prime cause’ the underlying imbalance in the immune system and correct the immune response thus removing the allergy.

Clearly with some allergies such as anaphylaxis due to peanuts, there is little or no confusion in identifying the allergen or trigger. Which strangely one might think makes it simpler to treat, as it is easier to find the ‘prime cause’ and to correct the imbalance causing the allergy.

In the ‘Allergy Freedom Programme’ we provide a free first consultation, during which we try to establish the underlying immune imbalance which is the true cause behind the allergy.

To discover how we can help you

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how-sceptical-are-youOn a scale of 1 to 10 where do you sit when it comes to natural, complimentary alternative medicine (CAD) and treatment philosophy?
Most of those suffering from allergies who decide to try the CKT allergy treatment, do so because there is little on offer in conventional medicine other than to treat the symptoms. But often they don’t rate the chance of a successful outcome at even 5 out of 10 50/50.The reason for this is mainly because their doctor and possibly also an allergy specialist have insisted that “there is no possible cure for an allergy”.

Jake who was allergic to prawns and most other shellfish was a total sceptic, I meet up with him once a month when a group of us do a sort of masterminding. During one meeting he happened to mention that he was allergic to prawns and most other shellfish. On hearing this, I asked him if he would like to try to the CKT treatment we use in the allergy freedom programme, as I thought it may prove helpful in reducing his symptoms.

After some deliberation Jake decided to have a go, saying that “I have to point out that whatever you may say to the contrary, I don’t give this the remotest chance of working, and I have sought advice from experts who assure me that no such remedy exists”. It’s easy of course to understand this misconception, being unkind one might even suggest that allergy specialists specialise in not treating allergies.

As we only see each other once a month, the treatment pattern did not follow the usual protocol and took place in a rowdy meeting room. Despite this after the second treatment I felt confident that Jake’s allergy was history but gave two follow up sessions before giving him the all clear.

Jake is delighted with the results of his treatment, while on holiday in Devon as his allergy is nonlife threatening, he gorged not only on prawns, but also on crab and lobster with no adverse reaction. That’s allergy freedom for you! I just love treating people with allergies, from infants to the elderly using this relatively simple and very safe technique, being allergy free is for them a new way of living.

If you’re another sceptic or even if you’re not you might like to take advantage of a free consultation, If so visit

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Anaphylactic Shock Cure – Carl was treated and cured of his allergies with Chirokinetic Therapy and now he tells of his experiences.

Are you are suffering from allergies? Take your first steps to complete allergy freedom and join the thousands of others who have already received this groundbreaking, 100% natural treatment and are now completely allergy free!

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fruit and nut allergy cure

Fruit and Nut Allergy Cure – We follow Annika as she receives a course of Chirokinetic Therapy for her allergies to fruit and nuts. We will update this video every step of the way.

Are you are suffering from allergies? Take your first steps to complete allergy freedom and join the thousands of others who have already received this groundbreaking, 100% natural treatment and are now completely allergy free!

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If you’re seeking an uncomplicated way to cultivate health, look to the lymphatic system. Working in tandem with the cardiovascular system, lymph fluids help remove toxins from the blood, while also transporting immune system cells. Since the lymphatic system doesn’t have an organ like the heart to circulate fluid, it needs to be stimulated. Have a look below for several suggestions on how to do this easily each day.

Keep the body humming

Drink plenty of water – Since hydration plays a key role in both circulatory systems, it’s crucial to consume adequate fluids throughout the day. When we don’t pay attention to this one basic practice, stress is placed on the lymph system, leading to inefficiency and toxic build-up. An additional benefit of proper hydration: the kidneys are able to do their job of flushing out water soluble waste.

Dry skin brushing – Another simple habit that keeps the lymphatic system in top form is brushing the skin. Amazingly, there are hundreds of miles of lymphatic tubules in the body that collect waste products. When we brush the skin, the system is stimulated in a process called lymphatic drainage.

To include this method in your daily routine, first you will need a high quality skin brush with natural bristles — aim for one with a long handle so that you can reach the back and other inconvenient spots. Before your morning shower and after work are two good times to dry brush. Use short strokes toward the heart with firm pressure, but do not “scrub.” Steer clear of delicate areas such as the face. Brush as long as you would like, although average sessions usually last between two and 20 minutes.

Hydrotherapy – For a quick circulatory boost, try alternating hot and cold water during your shower. When the skin is exposed to cold water, the whole body contracts, which squeezes lymphatic fluid up. And when hot water is applied, fluid moves downward as the constriction relaxes. A good standard is to alternate water temperature every thirty seconds for the entire length of your shower. Just make sure you have a reliable shower filter to avoid absorbing more toxins than you’re eliminating.

Rebounding – One of the best ways to improve lymphatic movement and drainage is to bounce on a small trampoline called a rebounder. Utilizing gravity and non-impact motion, bouncing assists the flow of lymph fluid. One method is the “health bounce.” Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Keeping your feet on the mat, bounce with a gentle up and down motion. That’s all there is to it. With just a few minutes a day, the lymphatic system is kept healthy and flowing.

Lymphatic drainage therapy – Using a specialized technique that applies pressure to lymph nodes and tubules, a trained therapist can strengthen lymphatic efficiency. The method entails holding the hands flat and moving them in a wavelike motion on the body to release blockages and enhance circulation. The benefits include detoxification, relaxation, regeneration of tissue and a reduction of inflammation.

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Bee venom allergy – Christine’s explains how her life was changed with CKT to cure her narcolepsy, cataplexy and her multitude of allergies, which previously made her life near impossible.
Christine was so highly allergic too bee venum she needed to carry two EpiPens!

“ My allergies were not only making my life a misery, they were also life threatening due to my bee venum allergy and the variety of foods which I could tolerate had reduced to so few, I was constantly malnourished. The only foods I could eat were cabbage, brocolli, pineaple and drink to water, I was also becoming allergic to the medication for my narcolepsy and cataplexy. Basicly my life was nothing I couldn’t do anything, the last time I was in hospital due to being stung by a bee , my reaction was so severe they told me that I needed to carry two EpiPens, but that I wouldn’t have time to set them up myself. I then received a course of allergy treatments and I became free of all my allergies, I could eat any foods, my anaphylaxia due to bee venum was completly eradicated and I no longer need to carry an EpiPen. Also as a bonus my symptoms due to narcolepsy and cataplexy are no longer present, I’m living a completly different life.”

Are you are suffering from allergies? Take your first steps to complete allergy freedom and join the thousands of others who have already received this groundbreaking, 100% natural treatment and are now completely allergy free!