Breast cancer is an illness that although people are aware of it, is still on the rise. A large part of the fear attached to breast cancer is a lack of understanding about what cancer is, and how cancer is treated once discovered.. The infographic below will hopefully help in this understanding and also help in increasing the awareness of this illness. The infographic explains that there are 15 types of breast cancer, and also shows what to look out for as well as showing how to examine your breasts yourself. The aim of this infographic is to increase breast cancer awareness so hopefully more suffers can identify the illness at an earlier stage increasing their chances of having successful treatment.

breast cancer awareness infographic

Test your own breast cancer awareness knowledge with our ‘little known facts quiz‘.

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Breast Health Seminar – In this seminar I discuss a variety of techniques and practical steps that can be followed in order to maintain and promote breast health. As yet all those following the advice in the programme have experienced not just an improvement in breast health but also an improvement in their general wellbeing.

All these steps are taken from my book

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breastless-beautiesHow tragic, as part of the latest medical craze “gene therapy” guides women to have their healthy breasts surgically removed. Extraordinary it may sound, but fact is often stranger than fiction. So why are women choosing this route rather than striving for healthier breasts, could it be fear based?
After all, conventional treatment for breast cancer is not exactly a “walk in the park”. Chemotherapy was originally developed from mustard gas, used in WWI as a terror weapon against troops who suffered burnt skin and lungs filled with suffocating pus.

So just how reliable is a decision based on a suspected errant gene? Until quite recently it was thought that the majority of genes were redundant, but now it is understood that they have in fact an important function. Performing as activators for those considered to be active genes. Some of which are thought to make a person more likely to develop cancer.

It is however, not impossible to imagine as further research is undertaken a different picture might emerge. Who knows, if you are so suggestible as to believe that nature provides the majority of genes in the code for no good reason, that’s a big worry for us all. Maybe one day we will have a more complete picture, but in the meantime you cannot argue with the fact that if you remove a part of the body, it won’t give you a problem in the future. Remove the legs and no varicose veins or ulcers, no athlete’s foot, bunions or gout in the big toe joint, and no leg night cramps. A more difficult decision is when it comes to depression, anxiety, migraines and headaches as although decapitation definitely eliminates these problems, it does tend to spoil your day.

Until we know more, I will stick to Levis!

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thermography-vs-mammogramThe Department of Health has said it will revise the advice it gives to women before breast cancer screening, following a report showing the programme prevents deaths, but also results in over diagnosis. The meta-analysis of evidence found women who are invited to a breast cancer screening had a 20% reduced relative risk of dying from breast cancer compared with women who arent invited to screening. But they also found the chance of over diagnosis was just over 1% for the roughly 307, 000 women aged 50 to 52 years who are invited to begin screening every year. Jointly-commissioned by Cancer Research UK and the DH, the independent panel concluded that the benefits of early detection and treatment with screening outweighed the harms, but added that women should be made aware of the risks so they can make an informed decision.

The report has led to a review of the information provided by the NHS when women are invited for screening. The panel conducted a meta-analysis of 11 randomised control trials assessing whether breast cancer screening resulted in fewer deaths and the evidence for over-diagnosis, compared with no screening. Although they acknowledged that there were limitations to the studies- all of which took place more than 20 years ago – they found the current breast cancer screening programme, which invites all women aged 50 to 70 years to screening every three years, prevented about 1,300 deaths from breast cancer a year.

It also found that each year around 4,000 breast cancers are over diagnosed – with women receiving treatments such as surgery, radiotherapy and medication for cancers that may not have come to clinical attention in the womans lifetime were it not for screening. The panel estimated that for the 10,000 women invited to screening from age 50 for 20 years, about 681 cancers will be found. Of those, 129 represent over diagnosis, and 43 deaths will be prevented.

Fortunately mammograms are not the only option, thermal imaging is not only radiation free, it also detects breast problems before they reach the stage where mammography is able to detect them. For further information regarding thermography contact Bill Bradford MD.

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Home Cures Natural Remedies are hosting a series of free online interactive webinar events where we will be offering a variety of tips and advice on managing and overcoming various illnesses and ailments.

We are able to offer a completely holistic view point; using naturopathic principles and techniques we will show you ways to assist you on your journey to becoming as well and as free of illness as possible, back to your natural good health.

Each online event covers a specific area and is interactive enabling you to ask questions and lasts for approximately 1 hour. Entry to each event is free but there are limited spaces available.

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curcuminI have two cases at the moment that are most topical as there is in the news this week an article where senior medical people ask for the capping of costs for IVF treatment. Whatever one thinks, and Nature appears to be ignored in this discussion, the creation of a child other than by natural means is clearly a huge lot of trouble not to mention the cost to the State. So, is there possibly a way round this, and avoiding noxious chemicals? There just might be, for some.


I have a friend, who does not believe in natural remedies, who has produced twin boys after three attempts at IVF. I also have a client who was troubled with serious menstrual pains. She had uterine fibroids that she asked me if I could help with. I immediately suggested Home Cures Serrapeptase Strong ™ and Home Cures Curcumin99™. She has recently emailed me to say she is so delighted, she is pregnant and deliriously happy after trying for years to have a baby.

serrapeptaseThe first lady did not take any Serrapeptase or Curcumin, despite entreaties; the second has had a good result. However, one thing is clear from this;  that infertility is not always insurmountable. Yes it is on the increase, lifestyle taking a massive part of the blame. No, it is not always the end of the story before the IVF route. And natural remedies are known to be better than any chemicals. Here are extracts from Lady N° 2’s emails of her route to happiness.

In November 2014 I stopped « The Pill » because of the risks of the possible cancerous and other unwanted side effects…. I rather think that it is possibly the pill that was the cause of my pains and almost certainly my fibroids.

In July 2015 I saw a Consultant for my painful periods and it was found that I had small , 8mm, fibroids, considered too small to do anything about with conventional medication. As I said I had stopped contraception in November 2014, … and then, thanks to an article on the internet, in September this year I contacted you. Then in October I got pregnant. I am so happy !

If you would like to Use Serrapeptase and Curcumin to help you get Pregnant you can buy Serrapeptase ™ or buy Curcumin 99™ they are available from Home Cures Natural Remedies.

John Osborne, a Naturopath of many years experience, works with the leading authorities in the world on the natural ways to cure serious illness. John is readily contactable via his web site, where he is happy to advise on all forms of natural treatment for bodily sickness. (John is not a doctor so is not able to offer any diagnosis.)

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