antibioticsBy now. it is probable that most people realise that life threatening bacterial infections are rising unchecked. Our good old friend penicillin is becoming less effective day by day and even cocktails of powerful antibiotics aren’t providing an answer to the problem, leaving doctors powerless to deal with a variety of life threatening infections. Unless of course they consider the benefits provided by nature’s own antibiotics.

Here are a few that may prove helpful

Propolis: a substance made by bees to keep their hives bacteria free, bee hives are one of the most sterile places Known due to this amazing product.

Honey: In a recently released study, researchers from the Salve Regina University in Newport, Rode Island, reaffirmed that raw honey is one of the best natural antibiotics you can have.
“The unique property of honey lies in its ability to fight infection on multiple levels, making it more difficult for bacteria to develop resistance,” she said.

Honey uses a combination of weapons including polyphenols, hydrogen peroxide and an osmotic effect. Honey is practically an ambidextrous fighter, using multiple modalities to kill bacteria.

Colloidal silver: As noted by Gregory A. Gore, in his book, Defeat Cancer:

Silver was used 1,200 years ago by Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, sailors, and then by the pioneers who populated our country. They used it for various illnesses and to keep their foods and liquids from spoiling. Prior to 1938, before antibiotics, colloidal silver was used by doctors as their main substance to fight bacteria in a morenatural way than through the antibiotics they use today. Antibiotics can harm our kidneys and liver functions. Colloidal silver promotes healing.

Pascalite: This is a type of bentonite clay found only in the mountains of Wyoming. It possesses remarkable healing powers. When it is used topically, it is known for its ability to draw infections from wounds in a matter of hours or days, thereby bringing about total recovery. The first recorded use of Pascalite was in the early 1930s when a trapper named Emile Pascal set his traps near a cold, clear mountain lake, where he had noticed a large number of animal tracks; after getting some of it on his chapped hands, he noticed some time later that it appeared to help them. So he continued to experiment with the substance and found that it had a number of topical uses, including for burns, minor wounds and infections.

Turmeric: This herb has been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for many thousands of years to treat a wide range of infections. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities have been known to be highly effective in the treatment of bacterial infections. It can also be used topically for MRSA and additional lesions of the skin.

Oil of Oregano: This is an essential oil known best for its bacteria-killing abilities, as well as controlling staph infections like MRSA. It contains antioxidant, antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic and pain-relieving properties. In 2001, Science Daily reported on a Georgetown University study which found that oregano oil’s germ-killing properties were nearly as effective as most antibiotics.

Tea tree oil: This is also a very potent and essential oil that has been shown to be effective in killing antibiotic-resistant MRSA on the skin. One important note: Therapeutic-grade tea tree oil must be used undiluted if it is to be used for this purpose.

Olive leaf extract: This substance has been used for a number of centuries to battle bacterial infections and is now currently being used as well to fight MRSA infections in some European hospitals. It provides immune system support while fighting antibiotic-resistant infections.

Garlic: This tasteful seasoning veggie has been used for medicinal purposes around the world for thousands of years. It was even used in the 1700s to ward off the plague. It possesses very potent anti- bacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. In Roman times garlic and honey were used in combination by physicians to aid healing, terrible wounds were treated in this way to great effect.

Echinacea: This compound has been used to treat aging and a wide variety of infections for centuries. It was traditionally used to treat open wounds, as well as blood poisoning, diphtheria and other bacteria-related illnesses. Today, it is used mostly to treat colds and flu.

Goldenseal: This is one of the most popular herbs sold on the American market and has recently gained a reputation as an herbal antibiotic and immune system enhancer. American Indians used goldenseal as a medication for inflammatory internal conditions such as respiratory, digestive and genitourinary tract inflammation induced by allergy or infection, according to

Calendula: This is a favourite of mine, I have known it to heal open wounds infected with MRSA where antibiotics have failed

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earthingEarthing is a fast-growing movement based upon the major discovery that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy is foundational for vibrant health.

The surface of the Earth holds subtle health-boosting energy. All we have to do is touch it and become truly alive. In the documentary film Grounded, you can see this amazing phenomenon transform the life of people who had been struggling with health issues like chronic pain, and one man who had been wheelchair-bound for decades is able to walk again.

Even plants are drastically impacted when they are taken away from the Earth’s natural energy. Yet, the act of grounding, or Earthing, as it’s sometimes called, isn’t really an unusual phenomenon at all. It’s actually a natural act that virtually every living creature does instinctively.

Your Body Needs Its Connection to the Earth

In the film, you’ll see an orphaned baby moose that instinctively lies on an Earthing pad to connect him to the Earth while he’s being temporarily housed in a trailer. The moose goes to the pad whether it’s concealed or not.

This simple act, which can also be achieved by walking barefoot on the Earth, transfers free electrons from the Earth’s surface into your body that spread throughout your tissues.

The effect is sufficient to maintain your body at the same negatively charged electrical potential as the Earth. This simple process is called ‘grounding,’ and its effect is one of the most potent antioxidants we know of. Grounding has been shown to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, improve sleep, enhance well-being and much, much more.

Upon first learning of grounding, most agree that, in theory, it makes sense. But many are still skeptical, and I’m the first to admit that it is hard to believe… that is, until you experience it for yourself.

And the concept of grounding, and its necessity to human (and virtually ever living creature’s) health is not so much of a stretch when you consider that you are already dependent on and intricately intertwined with the Earth.

Every time you take a breath of air or a drink of water, or absorb the ultraviolet light from the sun, you are, in practice, connecting to the Earth and using it for your very survival. Grounding is really one more extension of this; one more way that your body is intelligently designed to co-exist as a part of nature.

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manuka honeyScientists and chemists have combed the far reaches of the earth in search of natural ingredients that can be used for medicinal purposes. One of the more recent discoveries is that of a unique type of honey that is so effective in treating certain health conditions that it has even outperformed medicine in some cases. This medical-grade honey is known as bio-active Manuka Honey.

Manuka Honey is a premium mono-floral honey produced by bees that feed on the nectar of the flowers that grow on the Manuka bush, which is indigenous to New Zealand. It has been discovered that honey made from this nectar contains certain plant-derived components that are very effective in treating a wide spectrum of health conditions. When taken orally, Manuka Honey is effective in treating stomach aches, stomach ulcers, sore throats, acid reflux disease, gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, cold and flu symptoms, etc.

Manuka Honey can also be used topically on the skin to treat conditions such as acne, wounds, burns, wrinkles, eczema, ringworm and even MRSA Staph infections.Some people are under the misconception that if they consume Manuka Honey by taking it orally, it can be effective in treating some of these topical conditions. Even though Manuka Honey has many health benefits when ingested, it has to be applied directly to the affected area to work. For example, to treat an infected wound, Manuka Honey has to come in direct contact with the bacteria that is causing the infection.

Manuka Honey doesn’t work the same way that antibiotics do, so for some uses, Manuka Honey needs to be applied to the skin. If the idea of putting honey on your skin is not desirable, a Long Island-based manufacturer of skin care products called Honeymark imports Manuka Honey from New Zealand and blends it into their products for a much more user-friendly application. For example, Manuka Honey is effective in treating Athlete’s Foot. However, smearing Manuka Honey all over your foot might be somewhat uncomfortable and impractical. Honeymark’s Anti-Fungal Solution contains Manuka Honey but is a liquid-based product so that it can be easily applied to the skin, without the sticky mess. “Using honey as a medicine is no longer considered a home remedy,” says Frank Buonanotte, CEO of Honeymark International. “Even though honey has been used for medical purposes in many cultures for thousands of years, Manuka Honey from New Zealand has been found to have additional healing properties not found in other types of honey, making it a viable treatment alternative to expensive, and in some cases, ineffective medication. “Honeymark plans to increase its line of Manuka Honey skin care products in the first quarter of 2009. Such new products will include a Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion, all of which will contain Manuka Honey. Honeymark also plans on releasing their own brand of pure Manuka Honey for consumers interested in utilizing Manuka Honey for internal purposes.

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windowsill-apothecaryGrowing medicinal herbs is a fantastic idea but it’s not just about medicinal herbs, its about the food we eat too. As the great man Hippocrates once said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. This is why i would encourage everybody to grow as much of your own as you can, become as self sufficient as possible. At the very least you know what your eating and how your food has been grown! Food we grow and eat (before genetically modified and the use of chemical fertilsers) promotes optimal health. This is the basis behind Hippocrates knowledge, food that we eat should be preventative of disease. However the likes of fast foods and processed crap is ever more popular and what trend has this set? Ever wonder why so many people in the western world are ill, have allergies and are suffering from more and more diseases, even with the latest technological advancements in modern medicine? We need to take control of our own health, our keepers have had forever to fulfill this role and clearly it is not working.

There are many herbs and plants that can be grown with minimum effort and space and best of all it’s easy, anybody can do it. Yes that means you! Growing medicinal herbs on your windowsill is a great way to save money and empower you to take responsibility and care for your own health. I would go as far to say that growing your own medicine is like medicine in its self! The beauty of growing your own herbs is that you can harvest it as you use it, or dry your own herbs for later.

Here are some easy plants to get started with:

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera has been well known for centuries for its healing properties, and both oral intake and topical dressings have been documented to facilitate healing of any kind of skin wound, burn, or scald – even speeding recovery time after surgery. Situations to try it on include blisters, insect bites, rashes, sores, herpes, urticaria, athlete’s foot, fungus, vaginal infections, conjunctivitis, styes, allergic reactions, and dry skin.

Borage is a great herb for calming the nerves due to stress or anxiety. It is especially useful for those who are recovering from illness or surgery as it boosts the adrenals. As well as its medicinal effects, the bright blue flowers of the Borage plant look beautiful and taste good in salads. Borage makes a perfect addition to herbal teas.

Calendula, or as commonly known Marigold, was traditionally used internally as a gargle for reducing inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat, for soothing sore throats, laryngitis and tonsillitis, coughs, dryness of the lungs and digestive upsets.

Chamomile is a well known herb and has been used for thousands of years. It is useful for menstrual cramps, soothing and insomnia. Chamomile flowers are small and compact and are excellent for attracting bees. It is a very useful herb for children. It is a gentle herb for general use and an all round good tonic. It can help calm nerves, soothe headaches, stomach cramps, toothaches and teething pain.

Feverfew is good for calming coughs and reliving headache pains. The leaves of a Feverfew make a fine addition to a herbal tea.

Lavender is believed to be of benefit for a multitude of problems, including stress, anxiety, exhaustion, irritability, headaches, migraines, insomnia, depression, colds, digestion, flatulence, upset stomach, liver and gallbladder problems, nervousness, loss of appetite, and as a breath freshener and mouthwash. It is more tricky to grow in containers but the effort is well worth it! Adding fresh lavender to your herb tea blends is most rewarding and a sachet of home grown dried lavender under your pillow will ensure a good night sleep.

Lemon Balm
Lemon Balm is a great herb for the nerves. It is excellent for blending into your teas for the lemon flavour it adds. Lemon Balm is anti-viral, so the tea is great to drink if you’re feeling under the weather. The hot tea brings on a sweat that is good for relieving colds, flus and fevers and an anti-viral agent has been found that combats mumps, cold sores and other viruses. One of Lemon Balm’s key medicinal qualities is as a tranquilizer. It calms a nervous stomach, colic, or heart spasms. The leaves are reputed to also lower blood pressure. It is very gentle, although effective, so is often suggested for children and babies.

Mint (peppermint, spearmint, chocolate mint). These are great for stomach ailments and aid with digestion. Mint also helps with irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, is helpful for soothing colds and sore throats and can give you a quick boost. A nice cup of mint tea is a perfect way to end any meal. Mint is very easy to grow, it multiplies very quickly.

Skullcap is a mild analgesic and is helpful in reducing pain. It helps promote menstruation and is useful for insomnia. It is also a mild antidepressant. It is easy to grow in containers, though it needs a bit more space.

Feeling overwhelmed? Two words for you – baby steps! Pick your favourite and start there, or for a head start go to your local nursery, try to get organic seeds or plants whenever you can.

Plant some seeds and watch your herb garden bloom before your eyes. It’s easier than you think, anybody can do it! Soon your friends and family will be amazed and begging you for tea and you just may inspire others to grow their own as well.

The great thing about growing herbs is you can put many in a small space. Container gardening is useful when growing herbs as herbs tend to spread like crazy and this keeps it much easier to contain, harvest and best of all, no weeding!

Don’t be afraid to experiment blending herbs. You can come up with some great tea blends. From Chamomile and Lavender for a soothing tea before bed, to Feverfew and Skullcap for those painful migraines.

When you start your collection, familiarise yourself with each herbs medicinal use and how each herb can complement another. Before long you will develop your knowledge and become a Windowsill Apothecarist and on a path to becoming a wizard or witch, with your very own herbal pharmacy!

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science-and-alternative-medicineThe scientific validity of alternative treatments is still a hotly contested issue, with some studies showing good results, some inconclusive, and some therapies never subjected to scientific tests. To be convinced of the value of alternative medicine, doctors demand the kind of clinical trials their own treatments are judged by, including a clear definition and diagnosis of the condition being treated. In one type of trial, those being given treatment are split into two randomly chosen groups, one to be given a genuine treatment, the other a placebo. The results of both treatments are carefully noted, allowances are made for errors in procedure and coincidence. If enough of those getting genuine treatment show measurable improvement, treatment is said to be effective. Some of those given a placebo also show improvement as the placebo effect is very powerful. So clinical trials do not guarantee effectiveness. Even when the overall findings are favourable, some patients treated later do not respond positively to the treatment.

Many patients are worried that technology seems to be taking over more and more in conventional medicine. The general practitioners role is often reduced merely to deciding which clinic or consultant to refer patients on to. Patients are also worried that busy doctors have so little time to talk with them and that the traditional relationship or trust between doctor and patient does not develop. Faced with this situation, many people have turned to alternative practitioners and have been helped, which has created in orthodox medicine a greater readiness to consider alternatives to a purely science based approach. The readiness has been reinforced by orthodox doctors recognition of shortcomings in their system. There are qualms about its infallibility, a prime example is the overuse of antibiotics, causing so called super bugs which doctors are finding increasingly difficult to treat. Bacterial infections are killing more people than cancer. In the EU alone drug resistant bacteria kills 25,000 people per year, at an estimated cost of 1.5 billion euros to the healthcare system and lost productivity. This problem is not going away any time soon as conventional medicine has no answer to this growing problem.

Perhaps now is the time for doctors to gain new knowledge of alternative therapies as together, we may make a difference.

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vibrational-medicineVibrational Medicine, is based on the scientific principles that all matter vibrates to a precise frequency and that by using resonant vibration, balance of matter can be restored. In the book Vibrational Medicine for the 21st Century, Dr. Richard Gerber, an MD. introduces us to the conclusion that we, as human organisms, are ‘a series of interacting multidimensional subtle-energy systems’, and if imbalance develops in these energy systems, meaning that when the human organism is weakened, it oscillates at a different or less-harmonic frequency, pathological symptoms will manifest on the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual planes. He talks about how these imbalances can be healed, shifting us from the mechanistic Newtonian view to the Einsteinian, quantum physics, holistic medical point of view that has been with us for thousands of years, using frequencies of Vibrational medicine.
The term Vibrational medicine includes all complimentary therapies which use energy patterns; Flower/Plant essence, sound, music, gems & crystals, colour, sacred geometry, aroma, touch and cymatics – frequency changes in the living cell. Vibrational medicine uses energy patterns in order to bring energy patterns within the human aura into balance, this in turn leads to changes on the physical level. If you’ve seen a Kirlian Photograph of a leaf, it will show an energy around the leaf. Even if a portion of the leaf has been physically torn off, the wave signature is still present. So, when these medicines are used, they impart this energetic signature into a person’s electromagnetic field.

Dr Bachs remedies use the energetic signature of specific flowers and plants, captured by floating part of the flower/plant in pure water. The vibrational message is then imprinted into the water itself. Masura Emoto proved scientifically that ‘water holds memory’ for us a few years ago. What flower essences do is capture the memory of the particular flower for use in healing. There are thirty eight original remedies founded by Dr Bach, and a Rescue remedy which consists of five essences. Today many more ranges have been created all over the world using flowers, crystals, colours and positive words/intentions.

Having created and taken my own healing essences and seen others also benefit, I firmly believe in their power and worth. Today the scientific rationale is catching up with the work of Dr Bach and those who have been inspired by him, vibrational medicine continues to grow and thrive and that is a truly wonderful thing.

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Patients share their experiences of CKT treatments in their own words. Chirokinetic Therapy (CKT) is an outstanding treatment, for many of today’s ills. It aims to balance the body’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs allowing harmony to be restored. It works by correcting imbalances and redirecting energy to depleted areas.

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Chirokinetic Therapy (CKT) is an outstanding treatment, for many of today’s ills. It aims to balance the body’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs allowing harmony to be restored. It works by correcting imbalances and redirecting energy to depleted areas.

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With the move away from conventional medicine such as antibiotics, David explains how common conditions that many people suffer from can be treated at home easily, effectively and inexpensively.

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In this article we’re going to cover the last three of the “six healing sounds”. To read the first article which details the first three of these sounds, click here

Today we’re far more familiar with the concepts of sounds, sound waves and the constantly vibrating state of all matter in the universe. We use ultra sound waves to look inside the human body, destroy gall and kidney stones, as well as search for oil and to unlock other secrets deep within the earth.

So what does this have to do with healing the body? Everything. In Chinese medicine there are so many fantastic methods to heal and cure that are little known today. One of these ancient healing methods is known as “The Six Healing sounds” or “The Six Syllable Secret”

The first three of these sounds were “SSSSSS”, “WUUUUUU” and “SHHHHH” for the lungs, kidneys and liver, respectively. Next we’re going to cover the last three sounds for the heart, spleen and an important energy balancing system known as the Triple Burner.

The Six Sounds

4) The Heart. To perform the heart sound, we are going to first take a few deep breaths, then close the eyes and become aware of the heart. After a few breaths you can begin making the heart sound by tilting the head back and while looking up, open the mouth and make the sound HAWWWWWWWWWWWW upon exhalation.

Take a short rest between each repetition by taking a few normal breaths and, keeping the eyes closed, visualize a bright red color along with the qualities of joy, sincerity, honor and creativity coming into the heart with each inhalation. This is an important step, so do not skip it.

Practice the heart sound 3-6 times. If you have a sore throat, cold sores, swollen gum’s or tongue, heart disease, heart pains, to detoxify the heart or you are experiencing moodiness or jumpiness, then perform this exercise from 9 to 36 times.

5) The Spleen. To perform the spleen sound, take a deep breath, then exhale and make the sound WHOOOOOOOOOO. Inhale and breathe deeply into the spleen, pancreas and stomach while imagining a bright yellow light with the qualities of fairness, compassion and musical creation entering them. Repeat this sound 3 to 6 times.

If you are experiencing indigestion, nausea, diarrhea or wish to detoxify the spleen, then perform this sound 9 to 36 times. This sound is more effective and healthier than using antacids. This is the only sound that can be done immediately after eating.

6) The Triple Burner. The sound for the triple burner is a very simple one. It is the same as the word “He” but the “e” sound is extended for the duration of the breath. The triple burner sound is HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. As with the other sounds this sound should be made very softly or “sub vocally” meaning you only need to breathe out and open your mouth as though making the sound, but without making a sound or vibrating the vocal chords. This sound can help to regulate the heartbeat and is often used by Chinese martial artists to help slow down the heartbeat either during or after a fight or any other strenuous exercise.

This sound can also be used to help with insomnia. You can make it from 3 to 9 times per set, and repeat each set several times if needed to help slow the heart and calm the entire system down.


Chia, Mantak. Transforming Stress into Vitality-The Inner Smile and the Six Healing Sounds 1989

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The lung sound:

The kidney sound:

The liver sound:

The heart sound:

The spleen sound:

The triple burner:

About the author:
Rich is a network engineer and longtime practitioner of Chinese martial arts, medicine and chi-gung for over twenty six years. Having learned many Chinese health and healing arts from old world gung-fu and healing masters and practitioners, he has helped many people to overcome their health issues and achieve their fitness goals. Through diligent study and experience he has taken this knowledge even further over the years including reading scores of books on Chinese medicine, health, chi theory, science, physics, nutrition, supplements, meditation, martial arts, and many other subjects. Utilizing the web, health and fitness videos, newsletters, articles, teachings and lectures, Rich is passionate about spreading the true knowledge of health, healing, fitness and spiritual truths. I’m proud to be writing articles for You can read many articles, hear audio interviews, and learn more about the highly praised Chinese Health and Fitness video by visiting Chinese Health and

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