breastless-beautiesHow tragic, as part of the latest medical craze “gene therapy” guides women to have their healthy breasts surgically removed. Extraordinary it may sound, but fact is often stranger than fiction. So why are women choosing this route rather than striving for healthier breasts, could it be fear based?
After all, conventional treatment for breast cancer is not exactly a “walk in the park”. Chemotherapy was originally developed from mustard gas, used in WWI as a terror weapon against troops who suffered burnt skin and lungs filled with suffocating pus.

So just how reliable is a decision based on a suspected errant gene? Until quite recently it was thought that the majority of genes were redundant, but now it is understood that they have in fact an important function. Performing as activators for those considered to be active genes. Some of which are thought to make a person more likely to develop cancer.

It is however, not impossible to imagine as further research is undertaken a different picture might emerge. Who knows, if you are so suggestible as to believe that nature provides the majority of genes in the code for no good reason, that’s a big worry for us all. Maybe one day we will have a more complete picture, but in the meantime you cannot argue with the fact that if you remove a part of the body, it won’t give you a problem in the future. Remove the legs and no varicose veins or ulcers, no athlete’s foot, bunions or gout in the big toe joint, and no leg night cramps. A more difficult decision is when it comes to depression, anxiety, migraines and headaches as although decapitation definitely eliminates these problems, it does tend to spoil your day.

Until we know more, I will stick to Levis!

Originally posted 2012-11-14 18:31:06.

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  1. Great article. I am dealing with many of these issues as well..

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