bon-appetit-from-monsantoI am sitting writing this piece feeling hotter than a penguin in a sauna whether from rage or just getting out of a hot bath I am not sure, but the latest research carried out on rats, by the Caen University in France makes me hot under the collar.
It highlights the fact that Genetically Modified Products should not be considered foods at all, as they are laced with carcinogens.

However, they have been shown to kill rats, so maybe GM products have a use after all. Apart from the obvious danger to humans who may unknowingly consume GM products they are included in many animal feed mixes. Chickens, pigs and cattle unless organic are very likely to be fed on a Frankenstein diet.

Monsanto have been very clever by naming their prized herbicide Round Up. It makes you think of vast herds of cattle being driven across the planes to Chicago, by Roy Rogers, John Wayne and many others who graced our silver screens. But nothing could be further from this vision of pastoral perfection.

The Monsanto method of Beef production in the US, could at best be described as horrific. Cattle are kept in large sheds, separated in stalls with nothing to do but eat. They are fed GM Soya Meal laced with steroids to promote rapid growth and antibiotics due to the risk of infection. As a result, the muscle tissue rapidly bulks up but due to the de-calcifying effect of the steroids, their bones weaken. To such an extent that often their legs are no longer able to withstand the extra weight gain, the problem is solved by suspending them in slings. As cattle are ruminants grass eaters their specialised digestive systems are quite often unable to cope with the Soya. This unsuitable diet can cause their bellies to rupture, spilling their intestines which can no longer be accommodated in the body cavity. Vets are on hand to bundle the guts back in and repair the rupture. But when this fails the intestines are placed in containers next to the animal so that they are able to continue eating and bulking until ready for the market to provide that juicy steak. Enjoy!

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