is_your_circulatory_system_in_harmonyOne of the key indicators in homeostasis – the body’s ability to maintain harmony – is blood pressure. The benchmark for blood pressure is usually considered to be 120/80. The higher reading (systolic) is when the heart is beating and should be 120mg. The lower reading (diastolic) is when the heart is at rest and should be 80mg.
Obviously, not everyone fits this criteria, like everything else in life there are variations, sometimes the range is quite considerable. The problem facing all practitioners, whether medical or alternative, is determining the correct level on an individual basis. Too high causes Hypertensive situations and the risk of a heart attack or a stroke are more likely, leading doctors to prescribe medication to artificially lower the blood pressure.

But what if the person taking the medication actually needed higher blood pressure than is considered normal? If given medication to lower the blood pressure the body may struggle to maintain a balance. When blood pressure is lowered much below the ideal level several symptoms become apparent. The most frequent symptoms experienced are due to cerebral ischemia – a lack of blood to the brain – causing loss of short term memory, lethargy and sometimes dizziness and a distinct lack of enthusiasm for life in general. There are of course other effects on the circulatory system when it becomes Hypotensive – too low – the kidneys in particular which require a large blood supply to operate effectively become compromised. However the symptoms are not always immediately obvious.

If you are concerned in any way about your blood pressure whether you are on medication or not, we would like to offer a brief overview for you, using the method we employ in Chirokinetic Therapy where we consider the blood pressure/pulse ratio. For this we will need both your high and low blood pressure reading and also the pulse beats per minute taken whilst you are at rest.

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Mothers LoveThe harmony between mother and baby is very important, particularly during the pregnancy. Apart from all the usual considerations, sensible diet, plenty of fresh air, rest and avoiding unhelpful products such as tobacco and alcohol it is also clearly important to have as peaceful environment as possible and have both parents to be in a calm and relaxed state. The way we live now makes it harder to achieve this but there are always ways to achieve a more relaxed body and frame of mind, your baby will thank you for that. Following on from this, the more natural the birthing process, the better for both mother and child.
My daughter produced a fine healthy baby girl just over 4 years ago, at home in a birthing pool, following the hypnobirthing method. She says “It was a totally harmonious experience, particularly as it was pain free without any medical intervention”. Hypnobirthing is a wonderful way to go through the birthing process and there is plenty of information available on the internet to find a practitioner and gain more information. Another important factor concerning harmony in the newly born is to avoid cutting the umbilical cord before it has stopped pulsating, as vital elements are being transferred to the baby from the mother, this factor tends to be overlooked in a busy hospital environment where time is always of the essence. Ideally, the gestation and birthing of a child should be as much as possible as nature intended, not to deadlines dictated by bank holidays or busy periods and lack of bed space in hospitals. Inducing birth because a baby has not come at the time dictated by the time charts of the hospital can be distressing for the mother and child, sometimes it is preferable for the baby to come when he or she wants to, as nature intends.

My next blog will carry on with the theme of harmony, I am feeling the need for harmony in 2013! I will focus next time on harmony in the circulatory system.

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is-this-harmonyAs you may know, the treatment I practice is Chirokinetic Therapy (CKT), which aims to restore the body to a harmonious state, The human body is always striving to maintain the correct balance, termed homeostasis – the body’s ability to control it’s own environment. Anything that challenges homeostasis causes the body to use energy to maintain a balance. This is often due to an unsuitable diet, too much food or as often the case, the combination of foods eaten at the same time. My recent health tip – Digestive problems – highlights this and gives a natural alternative.
It is also true that society dictates we overprotect the body by trying to avoid everyday “natural” challenges. Using antibacterial cleaning products as an example. By trying to protect ourselves artificially, we tend to weaken our defence mechanisms – the immune system. This starts at an early age with the vaccination programme, currently pregnant women are being vaccinated in the hope that the unborn will be protected against whooping cough, this is being recommended despite the fact that only natural immunity is transferred in this way and not acquired immunity by vaccination.

Further attempts to protect people, this time against influenza, failed miserably as the Tamiflu vaccine extensively employed particularly in the elderly was found to be no more effective than a placebo. Currently a senior group of MP’s are trying to recover the £500 million pounds spent on the programmee from the manufacturer. Unfortunately, a number of people became ill after receiving the Tamiflu shot. Most were assured by their doctor that if they had caught the flu, it would have been far worse. Probably true but nothing of course to do with the supposed benefit from the Tamiflu shot.

There is much more to be said regarding a harmonious state within the body, my next blog will consider more the harmony between mother and child.

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Ulmus rubra - Slippery ElmMost of us tend to overdo it during the festive season, giving rise to indigestion. There are a host of antacid medications available, but you may find it preferable to restore the correct balance in the digestive system in a more natural way.

If so, try this – Separate starch and protein in a meal by 4 hours, this means that you eat meat or other proteins with vegetables in a meal but avoid starches such as potataoes, rice, bread and pasta. In another meal, 4 hours or more later, have starchy foods with vegetables or salad avoiding the proteins. Also do not combine vegetables with fruit, separate by 1 – 2 hours. This would include having tomatoes with salad, as an example.

A brilliant herb called Slippery Elm is particularly helpful if you are suffering from acid indigestion. It tends to combine with the stomach acid allowing it to be carried through the body and excreted through the gut as well as the kidneys. It has a very soothing effect helping to restore the balance without the need for antacid medications.

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cold-soresAs you may know, cold sores are caused by the Herpes Simplex 1 virus which resides in the nasal passages or nerves. If you are a sufferer then you will be well aware just how painful and embarrassing this condition can be. There are of course medical treatments available which are effective in reducing symptoms but do not always provide a cure.

Try this method instead – Using essential oil of Melissa (Lemon Balm Leaf) dab onto the site of the breakout at the first sign of attack. Repeat every 30minutes until they disappear then apply to the inside of the nasal passages three times per day for 3 days. If you do this every time you experience the symptoms you should succeed in vanquishing the causal virus and attacks should no longer occur.

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ins-and-outs-of-dietsThere are a quite baffling number of diets suggested, all aimed at improving our health in some way or another. Really, this short piece is more about the outs than the ins, that is the relationship between what leaves the body to that which is ingested. So how can we evaluate whether or not our diet is truly suitable? The following are some useful and maybe even fun ways of forming an opinion!

Firstly, after your main meal of the day, take a level teaspoon full of cochineal – that bright red food colouring. This should be easy to spot and should leave the body in 36 hours, not much sooner and not much longer. 2 to 4 days is reasonable and if the colouring appears within 1 day or in perhaps 5 days then your diet is likely to be unsuitable for your body’s needs.

So what of the stools themselves? They should be sausage shaped, leave the body effortlessly and cleanly with no need to wipe. They should also float just below the surface of the water, if they immediately sink then this usually indicates too much fibre in the diet and if they float above the surface then there is either unmetabolised fat or gas present.

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yellow-card-issuesAs you may know, medical practitioners have an obligation to report all adverse drug reactions using what is known in the health industry as Yellow Card reporting. Without this feedback it is near impossible for Health Agencies to form an accurate opinion regarding drug safety.
Sadly, this procedure is often neglected by a large number of clinics. I asked a practice nurse I treated for her latex allergy how many yellow cards they sent out per month? “We don’t do those” she replied. Obviously this leads to some people experiencing side effects only to be told that there is no connection between the side effects and the drug in question.

A man in his 60’s who I was helping with his back pain told me he would be unable to see me again for 2-3 weeks as he was to have the flu jab and this always laid him out for a few weeks after. I could not help but ask him why , if it made him so ill, did he agree to have it? He said because of his diabetes he was unable to refuse any treatment recommended because if he did, then he feared he would be removed from the GP’s patient list. He did, however, report each year to his Doctor following his illness after having the flu jab. He was always told there is no connection.

Crazy business and not much to do with health care, but there are a number of cases far worse than this regarding vaccinations during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers have been recommended to have a double dose of the flu jab and told it was risk free. This has led to an increase in foetal deaths by 4,250%. To see the full disclosure go to

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immune-supportWith the cold and flu season upon us it is a good idea to be prepared and to stock a few useful items.

Garlic – I prefer power garlic capsules (suppliers below) which are easy to take and of very high quality. Garlic capsules which are either LOW or NO odour are next to useless because the main active ingredient Allicin (the smelly bit) has been removed! For maximum benefit you need to take a suitable dose because if the product is not available to the body in sufficient quantity it never reaches the therapeutic level required. For a person weighing 55-75 kilos, 4 capsules per day, 6 days per week is usually a beneficial dosage, obviously take less for lower body weight and more if you are heavier. (That dosage is based on 1 capsule equating to 1 clove of garlic).

Echinacea and Calendula – When experiencing symptoms associated with a virus, taking a dose of Echinacaea and Calendula I find most helpful. 25 drops of each in fairly warm water twice a day is usually very supportive, especially if taken at the onset. Continue until you are symptom free.

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whats-up-docDon’t they trust you? Why are we as patients being instructed not to ask our Doctor for antibiotics as they may not be necessary? Surely our Doctor or Doctors will know whether or not a specific drug is appropriate and prescribe accordingly? Of course it could suggest a lack of faith in our Doctors ability to say “no” when faced with a demanding patient and if that is the case then it’s Doctors that need counseling, not their patients.
I would imagine that Doctors must feel aggrieved at the lack of trust being demonstrated in their ability to prescribe appropriately no matter how difficult the situation. In any case, there soon wont be much point in asking for antibiotics, as they become increasingly ineffective, with no replacement drugs likely in the immediate future.

Make with the carrots, Doc at least they support the immune system.

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healthier-breasts-part2Obviously it is not possible to gain healthier breasts without improving your overall body health. Diet and exercise are the two most prominent features but you do not need to be a fanatic, just take positive, regular action. Firstly diet. It is best to aim for a more alkaline balance, as this enables the body to retain a higher level of oxygen, which is of course very beneficial for the whole body, not just for healthy breasts. An easy way to start with is to simply separate starch and protein in the main meal of the day by four hours. Do this three or four times a week as it tends to incline the body towards less acidity and therefore more alkalinity.

Exercise is of course always helpful but it does not necessarily mean going down the gym twice a day. Walking, swimming, and stretching routines like Pilates or Yoga are great. Abdominal breathing is just terrific.

Also splashing the breasts with cold water after a shower or hot bath invigorates and tones.

Hydrotherapy is better still, even if only practised two or three times a week.

If you are unhappy with the condition of your breasts and wish to make a major improvement, follow the programme in my book which includes further details on all the tips given. Every Woman’s Guide to Vital Breast Health.

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