Allergy Specialists

The Allergy Specialists are world leading experts at removing allergies since 1997. Our award winning treatment removes allergic reactions with a simple, natural approach. 100% natural and safe for all adults and children, even those with existing medical conditions. The Allergy Specialists have helped thousands of sufferers to live a life free of the prison of allergies with this simple, painless technique.

✔ 100% natural
✔ No drugs
✔ No needles
✔ No avoidance diets
✔ No supplements
✔ No regimes
✔ Anaphylaxia
✔ Eczema
✔ Asthma
✔ Food Allergy
✔ Hay Fever
✔ Chemical Allergy





Allergy Specialists

The treatment originally developed by David Stevens, works by rebalancing the immune system to enable the body to deal with foods and substances that previously caused allergic reaction. Our bodies are designed to function well but the lives that we lead, the stress we are under, the food that we eat and the medicines that we are given can cause the body to no longer be able to function in the way it is designed. The treatment works to address the underlying imbalance that has led to the immune system reacting in a negative way to allergen triggers.

Simply a treatment that works by influencing the immune system and encouraging it to become in complete balance as it is designed to be. When you come for a treatment you remain fully clothed and lie down on a treatment couch. We use muscle testing to establish the imbalances and then the treatment is given. The treatment itself is a small movement used on the skull, applied by hand, this acts as a way of sending an energetic impulse through the nervous system to influence the immune system. It sounds too simple to be true but when you think about the way the body is designed, simplicity is actually the key. The treatment works with your body rather than against it and is possibly the most effective way to remove allergies effectively without influencing the body with long term medicines, years of desensitisation injections or strict avoidance regimes. For most, the treatment to remove allergies usually takes around 4 treatments, each treatment lasting no more than an hour.

Seeing a young child swaddled in wet bandages to ease the suffering of intense eczema or seeing the faces of parents scared for their Anaphylactic child is one of the most heart rending sights. This is why we looked for answers to the questions regarding life threatening allergies and allergies that have such a detrimental affect on quality of life. For us it is simple, look at the body, look to why these problems have occured and help the body to become more in control of the way it deals with these substances. Work with the body rather than against it and allow the body’s natural healing ability to assist in bringing the body back into balance. It works, it is very simple, you really do have nothing to lose other than your allergies. You can find out about the treatment from those who have benefitted and you can contact us for a free consultation and ask any questions that you may have.

Our Success Rate is very high, with the majority of all people treated becoming completely allergy free! This is why we are offering a 100% money back guarantee if your allergies are not completely removed or significantly reduced.

The Allergy Specialists clinics are in based in Harley Street, London and Leatherhead, Surrey.

If you or someone you know suffers from allergies, visit Allergy Specialists to discover how we can help…

Allergy Specialists




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