We follow Michael as he receives a course of Chirokinetic Therapy for his allergies to shellfish and pollens. We will update this video every step of the way.

Are you are suffering from allergies? Take your first steps to complete allergy freedom and join the thousands of others who have already received this groundbreaking, 100% natural treatment and are now completely allergy free!

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We follow Jake as he is treated for his allergies to seafood. This video demonstrates how CKT can be performed anywhere to free people from their allergies.

Are you are suffering from allergies? Take your first steps to complete allergy freedom and join the thousands of others who have already received this groundbreaking, 100% natural treatment and are now completely allergy free!

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ocdObsessions are thoughts that are persistent, intrusive and difficult ot control. Compulsions are actions and habits that a person feels driven to perform, and these, to, are usually persistent. Often difficult to stop and unwanted. The two are often associated, and are then known medically as obsessive compulsive behaviour.

Most people develop particular habits or routines at an early age. Sometimes these are based on superstitions such as touching a lucky horseshoe or always stepping over cracks in the pavement. Often they become parts of daily routine – dressing in particular order, for example. Other actions are based on safety or security, and these include repeatedly making sure that the car doors are locked before leaving it, or checking that the cooker is switched off before going out. Sometimes a particular thought or idea, such as a certain tune or a reminder to do something keeps running through the mind. Most of these thoughts and behaviour patterns are acceptable because they are not unduly worrying or disruptive in daily life; they are, in fact, fairly rational and sensible or at least harmless. However, in some people, thoughts and actions get exaggerated and out of control, and become a problem. In those cases, obsessive – compulsive behaviour is associated with strong feelings of anxiety. The anxiety may be based on a fear that something bad or untoward will happen if the thoughts and actions are not carried through. The sufferer may think that if he fails to keep himself and his house scrupulously clean, it will catch some infection or disease. He may feel compelled to wash his hands, body, clothes and all surfaces in the house repeatedly and thoroughly. The fear or anxiety may be logical. For example, it is reasonable to fear that if a gas fire is left on it may start a blaze. However, the fear may lead to an irrational action, one that is not necessary or helpful, such as constantly checking that the gas fire is off. If unchecked, obsessive-compulsive behaviour can lead to a very disrupted life and even to mental disorders such as depression and physical maladies such as malnutrition, for example.

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hayfeverHay Fever can be the odd sneeze or itchy eye, and sometimes may need constant anti-histamine medication to help cope with the symptoms. My tip today is of how to avoid many of the symptoms associated with this problem.

Product required – Bees Wax

Method – Line the inside of the nasal passages with a thin layer of bees wax so that most of the pollens or other irritants will become attached to this wax instead of being fully inhaled. Blow your nose and replenish the wax often.

This is really worth a try, you may be surprised by just how effective this simple remedy can be.

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The term Herd Immunity provided by vaccinations is often bandied about. It provides a cosy feeling of protection from a number of diseases, but looking at this term more deeply dispels this myth.
Herd Immunity was a phrase first coined in 1933 by a German Doctor A W Hedrich. Who observed that “when 68% of the population under the age of 15 years had natural immunity to measles, epidemics did not occur” Of course, natural immunity should not be confused with a acquired immunity provided by vaccinations. In Doctor Russell Blaylock’s article “THE DEADLY IMPOSSIBILITY of HERD IMMUNITY Through Vaccination” he makes a powerful case for why Herd Immunity is a myth.

You can read his article Here

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a-family-treatmentMichael, Annika and their daughter Starr have all received Chirokinetic Therapy for their allergies. Starr is 4 years old and had a serious allergy to peanuts and was an epi-pen carrier, despite the success of a treatment, I always recommend to continue to avoid the previous allergen. However, should she accidentally come into contact with peanuts then a serious reaction should no longer occur following her treatment.
Annika, her mother, was allergic to some fruits – particularly melon – also some nuts. Following her CKT treatment she became allergy free and is now enjoying a normal diet.

Michael, her father, also an epi-pen carrier was anaphylactic to prawns and he received 4 treatments and tested negative following each session, which is my gold standard indicating allergy freedom. Michael was also suffering from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) which as you may know is hard to live with at the best of times. Happily for Michael, due to the connection of various symptoms to the prime cause, during his allergy treatment his OCD lessened and is now no longer apparent.

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science-and-alternative-medicineThe scientific validity of alternative treatments is still a hotly contested issue, with some studies showing good results, some inconclusive, and some therapies never subjected to scientific tests. To be convinced of the value of alternative medicine, doctors demand the kind of clinical trials their own treatments are judged by, including a clear definition and diagnosis of the condition being treated. In one type of trial, those being given treatment are split into two randomly chosen groups, one to be given a genuine treatment, the other a placebo. The results of both treatments are carefully noted, allowances are made for errors in procedure and coincidence. If enough of those getting genuine treatment show measurable improvement, treatment is said to be effective. Some of those given a placebo also show improvement as the placebo effect is very powerful. So clinical trials do not guarantee effectiveness. Even when the overall findings are favourable, some patients treated later do not respond positively to the treatment.

Many patients are worried that technology seems to be taking over more and more in conventional medicine. The general practitioners role is often reduced merely to deciding which clinic or consultant to refer patients on to. Patients are also worried that busy doctors have so little time to talk with them and that the traditional relationship or trust between doctor and patient does not develop. Faced with this situation, many people have turned to alternative practitioners and have been helped, which has created in orthodox medicine a greater readiness to consider alternatives to a purely science based approach. The readiness has been reinforced by orthodox doctors recognition of shortcomings in their system. There are qualms about its infallibility, a prime example is the overuse of antibiotics, causing so called super bugs which doctors are finding increasingly difficult to treat. Bacterial infections are killing more people than cancer. In the EU alone drug resistant bacteria kills 25,000 people per year, at an estimated cost of 1.5 billion euros to the healthcare system and lost productivity. This problem is not going away any time soon as conventional medicine has no answer to this growing problem.

Perhaps now is the time for doctors to gain new knowledge of alternative therapies as together, we may make a difference.

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vibrational-medicineVibrational Medicine, is based on the scientific principles that all matter vibrates to a precise frequency and that by using resonant vibration, balance of matter can be restored. In the book Vibrational Medicine for the 21st Century, Dr. Richard Gerber, an MD. introduces us to the conclusion that we, as human organisms, are ‘a series of interacting multidimensional subtle-energy systems’, and if imbalance develops in these energy systems, meaning that when the human organism is weakened, it oscillates at a different or less-harmonic frequency, pathological symptoms will manifest on the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual planes. He talks about how these imbalances can be healed, shifting us from the mechanistic Newtonian view to the Einsteinian, quantum physics, holistic medical point of view that has been with us for thousands of years, using frequencies of Vibrational medicine.
The term Vibrational medicine includes all complimentary therapies which use energy patterns; Flower/Plant essence, sound, music, gems & crystals, colour, sacred geometry, aroma, touch and cymatics – frequency changes in the living cell. Vibrational medicine uses energy patterns in order to bring energy patterns within the human aura into balance, this in turn leads to changes on the physical level. If you’ve seen a Kirlian Photograph of a leaf, it will show an energy around the leaf. Even if a portion of the leaf has been physically torn off, the wave signature is still present. So, when these medicines are used, they impart this energetic signature into a person’s electromagnetic field.

Dr Bachs remedies use the energetic signature of specific flowers and plants, captured by floating part of the flower/plant in pure water. The vibrational message is then imprinted into the water itself. Masura Emoto proved scientifically that ‘water holds memory’ for us a few years ago. What flower essences do is capture the memory of the particular flower for use in healing. There are thirty eight original remedies founded by Dr Bach, and a Rescue remedy which consists of five essences. Today many more ranges have been created all over the world using flowers, crystals, colours and positive words/intentions.

Having created and taken my own healing essences and seen others also benefit, I firmly believe in their power and worth. Today the scientific rationale is catching up with the work of Dr Bach and those who have been inspired by him, vibrational medicine continues to grow and thrive and that is a truly wonderful thing.


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allergy-or-intoleranceIf you suffer from an allergy or an intolerance, some of the symptoms experienced are similar which can be confusing. Clearly there is no mistaking Anaphylaxis or Allergic Asthma, but I see numerous people who suspect they have a food allergy which turns out to be a food intolerance.
Food intolerance’s have been with us in all likelihood for thousands of years, whereas fully blown allergies are a much more recent phenomenon. If you are experiencing a food intolerance it may be due to the combination of different foods eaten at the same time, rather than just one item.

For example, I once had a patient who, following his lunch was often but not always, in considerable discomfort. This happened when he had the same snack, usually a cheese sandwich. I tested him for both bread and cheese separately and there was no reaction, but when combined together, they provoked stomach cramps and nausea. The confusion was that his reaction did not always occur, further testing revealed the reason for this anomaly. When he had a cheese and tomato sandwich there was no ill effect. So in his case, adding a further food to the combination brought the meal into balance. By trying different combinations of foods, you may find that food intolerance’s improve.

Allergies on the other hand tend to occur every time that you ingest the allergen regardless of what else it may be eaten with. Allergies are better off being treated to eliminate the root cause of them and for this, I would suggest a visit to a CKT practitioner chirokinetictherapy.com.

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MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAVaricose Ulcers are a fairly common condition, a result of poor circulation which occur mainly in the legs. Leg ulcers appear as open craters, the surrounding skin may be red, swollen, tender and can also be quite painful. Ulcers can become infected with fluid or pus oozing from the crater and can sometimes also bleed. They are often slow to heal – an acute phase is termed where they heal in around 12 weeks, a longer healing period than that and they are considered to be a chronic condition.
As it is the condition of the circulatory system in general and the peripheral veins in the legs in particular which give rise to varicose ulcers, a holistic approach is a must. It is not enough to simply treat the ulcers using pressure bandages, topical antibiotics and surgery. Diet, exercise and methods to support venous return – blood returning from the lower extremities to the heart.

Healing Tips for Varicose Ulcers

Diet – Seek advice from a Nutritionist or a Naturopath. Following an acid/alkaline balanced diet is also highly beneficial (detailed diet in Every Woman’s Guide to Vital Breast Health) Correct breathing is particularly helpful as movement of the diaphragm in particular supports the liver, the largest venous organ. (see Diaphragmatic Breathing in Video Section) Hydrotherapy, hot and cold foot baths to encourage new blood to circulate to the leg area and at the same time supporting the return of blood from the lower extremities. (see Gout Health Tip for Hydrotherapy Instructions) Topical treatment for ulcers is to smear witch hazel gel around the ulcer which acts as an astringent and tones the skin around the crater. In the crater itself apply either Calendula (Marigold) Cream or Ointment. It can also be applied as a solution using tincture or fluid extract in warm water at a suggested dilution of 50 drops Calendula to 2 tablespoons of water. Manuka honey will also help with infections as an alternative to Calendula.

From experience using these methods usually speeds healing considerably, the best supportive exercise is walking. Walking through the sea, if within reach of you, is even more beneficial. Avoid sitting for long periods, particularly with crossed legs.

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