its-all-about-needlesTwo articles that recently appeared on the 5th September 2012 are worthy of comment. One in the Daily Mail regarding Acupuncture in the NHS, the other in The Times investigating the effects of a rogue strain of the MMR. In The Times article by Dominic Kennedy it highlights the effect of the vaccination on Katie Stephen who was given it at 15 months of age and she became unwell 13 days later, losing hearing in her left ear. Katie is the first known victim to prove her case to the vaccine damage payments unit. But has been refused the 12,000 pay out for vaccine injury as she still has hearing in her right ear.

Apparently 5.4 million children between 1988-1992 received the vaccine before it was withdrawn because it caused meningitis. Which makes Andrew Wakefield assertion that the MMR jab either causes, or contributes, to autism even more credible. In Dr Mark Porter commentary on Katie plight, he mentions his younger sister deafness due to her mother contracting rubella when pregnant. He goes on to say if the MMR vaccine had been available at that time his mother would have been protected against rubella saving his sister from becoming deaf.

My wondering is, she may have possibly developed meningitis or lost the hearing in one ear, like Katie, due to the vaccine. It’s all about the risk/reward ratio. The only people who seem not to be sharing the risks are the manufacturers of the vaccine, the pharmaceutical companies. Surely they should automatically be held responsible and be required to pay compensation to all vaccine damaged people? Why should it fall to the government and therefore the tax payer?

The second article which appeared in the Daily Mail concerned the Hidden perils of Acupuncture administered by NHS practitioners, written by Sophie Borland, their health reporter, citing lost needles, punctured lungs and some patients fainting. The study was published in the International Journal of Risk and Safety in Medicine, where researchers reported 325 cases of patients coming to harm following Acupuncture at the hands of the NHS. These included 100 cases of needles being left inside the body, 63 where patients lost consciousness and a further 99 people feeling dizzy or faint. Another 5 patients are said to have suffered collapsed lungs, due to needles accidentally penetrating their chests.

At present, Acupuncture is only prescribed on the NHS to treat lower back pain, the needles used are very fine. In fact sometimes so fine, that they are barely visible to the naked eye. This makes me wonder just how they can manage to puncture the chest cavity with such fine needles, through skin, muscles of the erector spinae, also the muscles of inspiration and through the pleura to the chest cavity?

It also makes me wonder if all NHS Acupuncturists are trained fully? Because to me, it sounds more like bayonet practice than Acupuncture. Perhaps they have been trained by the Marines?

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find-your-voiceSore Throats – The following tips are very effective in relieving symptoms arising from a variety of different causes. Tonsillitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, ulcerations, strep throat and Quincy which is extremely unpleasant, making swallowing almost impossible due to the painful swelling.

Products Required – Table salt, a large flannel or cloth, dried sage and mustard powder. All are available in most supermarkets.

Method – Use the sage to make tea – 3 heaped teaspoons in 200ml of boiling water. Strain, allow to cool and use as a gargle and mouthwash.
For the compress, wet the flannel and pour on the salt so that it is covered in about 10mm of salt, roll into flat tube and apply to the throat, it is best left on overnight so cover with a towel to avoid dampening the pillow or bedding.

Hot mustard footbath:
For instructions see asthma heath tip post.

Case study
A lady came to see me complaining of a sore throat which was so painful she was unable to swallow and had to take soluble pain killers to get any respite. She had an appointment arranged with her GP for the next morning and was hoping I could suggest something she could do in the meantime. I advised her to try the sage gargle, salt compress and hot mustard foot bath, which she followed to the letter. When she saw her GP the next day the swelling had subsided, she was pain free and able to swallow without discomfort. He was amazed at what she had achieved in such a short time without the need for an antibiotic.

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keep-it-simpleAs you may have realised, I like to keep things as simple as possible, I avoid complication wherever I can, because the bodys needs are both simple and logical. If you give the body what it needs and avoid what it cannot cope with, you are on the path to a healthier life automatically.

Here are some things best avoided – Homogenised Milk – full fat, skimmed, semi-skimmed or organic, AVOID!

Choose instead full fat non-homogenised milk, organic wherever possible.

Avoid the flu jab as it is suspected by some researchers to increase the risk of contracting the flu virus. Many people who receive this vaccine become ill – they are also more likely to spread the disease to others.

Avoid cooking in vegetable oils, this includes olive oil, as at cooking temperature they tend to form trans-fatty acids. Better fats for cooking are coconut oil, ghee, dripping (both beef and lard) as they do not convert to the more dangerous trans-fatty acids.

Avoid also any processed products containing white sugar, white flour, Monosodium Glutomate and Nitrites which are used in meats and fish as a preservative.

That is enough avoids for now, that will start you on the road to good health but more information to come in future tips, including Must Haves.

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asthma-and-breathingThe following procedures are very simple, safe and cheap, and really worth the effort as they are very effective in relieving symptoms associated with several breathing issues including Asthma, Whooping cough, Bronchitis, Colds, Influenza, Rhinitis and Sinusitis.

Products required – Colmans Mustard Powder, Garlic Oil, Essential oil of Eucalyptus, Bowl for your feet, Valerian and Passiflora Drops 50/50 mix (optional). Give the procedures a try and let us know how you get on.

Asthma is usually bronchial. Asthma results from narrowing bronchi, the tubes which air passes through to and from the lungs, causing breathing to become laboured particularly on the out breath as the narrowed bronchi can no longer be effectively cleared of mucous by the act of coughing.

Similarly, whooping cough (pertussis) a highly infectious disease caused by Bordetella pertussis, spread by droplet infection. Clinical diagnosis in the early stages of this disease is very difficult until the whoop develops, which is not always present. For this reason, it is often mis-diagnosed as Asthma because in the early stages it provokes similar symptoms.

In Chirokinetic Therapy we see a number of patients suffering from chest complaints, particularly Asthma. Quite often, upon testing, we find a sensitivity or even allergy to airborne products such as house dust mites and fungal spores. In some cases even inhaled medication is poorly tolerated by the body. If Asthma, Rhinitis, Sinusitis or Bronchitis is brought on or worsened by an allergy reaction it is a very good idea to find your nearest CKT practitioner for an allergy treatment or visit us at:


Mustard Foot Bath – Fill bowl with hot water deep to ankle depth. Dissolve half a large tin of mustard powder. Immerse feet for 10 mins then towel dry. For children under 8 use 1/3 of a tin.

Mustard has a drawing action, it literally helps the body to draw down the mucous and enables the body to use the kidneys to excrete thereby taking the pressure off of the lungs.

Foot Balm – 1 teaspoon garlic oil mixed with 10 drops eucalyptus oil (5 for children) Rub mix on soles of feet, cover with an old pair of socks and leave on overnight. (Garlic oil can be home made by placing peeled cloves of garlic in a bottle of Olive or Almond Oil).
The foot balm has the effect of gaining the benefits of Garlic and Eucalyptus quickly into the body, if you think how porous your feet are you will understand how they will be absorbed by the body in this way.

Valerian and Passiflora Drops – Rub on chest and over and under shoulder blades this helps relaxation of the bronchi.

Foods which are mucous forming, such as starchy, sugary and milk products should be kept to a minimum. Foods which are particularly beneficial include onions, garlic, leeks, parsley, chicken soup and those foods rich in Vitamin C. Non-acidic vitamin C supplements are very useful in this regard.

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how-safe-are-prescription-drugsVery safe, partially safe, or downright recklessly dangerous?
Being the type of person not averse to taking the occasional painkiller or the odd course of antibiotics for my recurring dental problems, I would, like most people, wish to believe that prescribed medication is very safe. After all the Pharmaceutical Industry invests countless millions every year on research and development, very reassuring, or is it?

Lets consider some recent events which give cause for concern: In 2007 Bristol-Myers were fined 375m for illegally offering gifts to doctors for promoting drugs for illnesses for which they were not approved. In 2008 Merck Co paid $418m to the US government, relating to it’s drugs Vioxx and Zocor. In 2009 Pfizer paid $1.5bn for improperly marketing their arthritis drug Bextra. Glaxo paid a record fine of $1.9bn for encouraging doctors to prescribe drugs such as Seroxat an antidepressant for patients where it was contra-indicated.

Roche the Swiss pharmaceutical Co withheld information that over 15000 Americans died from taking its drugs. They also covered up 65,000 other cases of suspected side effects, due to drugs such as Herceptin, prescribed for breast cancer patients and Lucentis for loss of sight due to ageing. A few weeks ago Abbotts Laboratories were fined over a $1bn for wrongly marketing an anti-psychotic drug called Depakote.

All of these fines totalling many billions of dollars relate to drugs usually taken orally, but what of other treatments like vaccinations?

Like me, you may have wondered just how BSE in our beef herds, crossed over and became vCJD in humans, causing devastating brain destruction. If vCJD was caused by eating beef then how did vegetarian non meat eaters also become infected and why did it infect a fairly narrow age group, with an average at death of 28 years? The majority of cases have occurred in the UK, the first person to display symptoms became ill in 1994. There have also been a few cases in other countries, which are thought to have been caused by exposure to BSE while residing in the UK.

The narrow age range and the anomaly where non meat eaters in this same group became infected, suggests the possibility of a causal factor other than consuming beef products. People of all ages consumed vast quantities of beef during the period of likely infection, but only youngsters contracted vCJD. BSE has only been found in the brain and spinal nerve tissue of cattle and not in the skeletal muscles which provide the Sunday roast, burgers, steaks etc. Although bovine brain and spinal cord are not eaten they are used, particularly in the production of vaccines.

This bovine tissue is used in the manufacture of the polio vaccine, a process known as attenuation, where the infecting virus is cultured to produce a vaccine which mimics the disease, creating antibodies to provide protection without actually causing the disease itself. But what if this tissue is infected with BSE?

The company contracted to provide 11 million doses of the polio vaccine was Medever, who were unlikely to be aware of BSE in the herds. Could it be that vCJD occurred due to this type of transmission? Is that why Medeva sold their vaccination arm to another pharmaceutical Co Celtech who in turn sold on this possible poison chalice to yet another company, both prior to the publication of the Sir Peter Phillips report into the likely cause of vCJD?

Could they have been tipped off?

Just my musings of course, but it would explain why vCJD occurred in that particular age group and why non meat eaters also became victim to this terrible disease.

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allopathic-medicineBy now most people realise that the age of drug resistant bugs is rapidly approaching, antibiotics which had previously revolutionised health care are becoming less effective at an alarming rate.
The problem for doctors and for us as well, is that the hope for replacement drugs to replace the current antibiotics in use is fading. Pharmaceutical companies rely on a pipeline of new products ideally designed for long term usage and antibiotics do not meet this criteria. Even if they did and a new range of antibiotics became available, bacteria would in all likelihood soon mutate, thus creating ever more so called superbugs.

In the golden days of antibiotics doctors enjoyed an almost godlike status when many dreaded diseases immediately became more easily treated. Syphilis, gonorrhoea, tuberculosis and a host of other maladies from strep throat to urinary tract infections responded well to this new wave of drugs.

There was however, an indication of likely future problems when Alexander Fleming who discovered penicillin, pointed out that resistant bacterium were already appearing after only a few years of use and that antibiotics should be kept only for the top drawer.

It would seem that this advice was largely if not completely ignored, but even if it had been heeded, sooner or later superbugs would have appeared due to bacterias ability to rapidly mutate. There would seem to be few environments – no matter how extreme – in which bacteria are unable to exist. They simply adapt to suit the changing conditions.

It will be interesting to see where we go from here it’s quite likely that medics will have to revert to methods employed in the pre-antibiotic era, which may well mean a certain amount of retraining.

Fortunately alternative or complimentary medicine, has progressed without creating the type of health problems associated with conventional allopathic philosophy.

I’m not supposing for one moment that complementary medicine could ever replace conventional, but it does provide a broad range of supportive strategies which people have increasingly turned to, sometimes in desperation.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe increase in allergic reactions poses an ever increasing problem for teachers, parents, and health professionals. In particular life threatening allergies, such as anaphylaxis and allergic asthma have increased to epidemic proportions. In their report – Allergies the Unmet Need – The Royal College of Physicians stated that peanut allergies alone increased by 400% over a 3 year period.
Unfortunately neither the underlying cause behind the increase in allergies, nor an effective long term treatment other than avoidance of the product acting as a trigger is available. In fact allergy experts are unable to offer much help, usually confirming that the person has an allergy and to avoid the allergen in question and to carry an EpiPen at all times.

In most cases the person receiving this information is already well aware that they have an allergy, avoid the product like the plague and already carry an adrenaline injecting device.

However, that is not the complete picture as in 1997 CKT Chirokinetic Therapy was developed, an alternative approach which throws a new light on dealing with allergies.

If you would like to know more about the revolutionary approach employed in CKT visit our website

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times-body-and-soulRegarding article by Dr Mark Porter in The Times – Tuesday 13th December 2011 (Body & Soul Health)
Dr Mark Porter, whose articles I have read in the past, states in his article ‘I’m pro immunisation and the facts and figures back me up’. I’m certain that many worried parents will find his confidence reassuring, that is of course until you look a little deeper at a more scientific level. Unfortunately, most of the facts and figures he provides are anecdotal, which is the least reliable form of evidence possible. He states as an example that the MMR vaccination is thought to cause vaccine associated encephalitis in less than one in every million doses given.

The use of the phrase thought to doesn’t sound very scientific, surely scientific research is meant to be very precise and not based on hear-say. His comparison is also slightly flawed as he is looking at one incident of encephalitis per jab, compared with all complications for those not having the jab and as three doses are given, that would mean one in 333,000 sufferers not one in a million, but it’s hear say anyway.

Being pro-immunisation is not the same as being pro-vaccination, as the effectiveness of vaccinations is judged by the number of antibodies created, which is not necessarily the same thing as immunity. This could be why there are so many sufferers in an epidemic who have been fully vaccinated, but have failed to gain immunity from the disease in question through vaccination.

He also states that smallpox was driven to extinction by the mass vaccination programme, which he describes as a miracle of modern medicine even though it is around 200 years old. Most interestingly, deaths from smallpox had already declined by over 90% by the time the mass vaccination programme started and the incidence of smallpox declined in societies which were non vaccinated at a similar rate to those who were vaccinated.

What is really needed to make an informed opinion is a recognisable and reliable scientific study which compares the vaccinated with the non vaccinated. We need to know which group is the healthier and which group has the highest incidence of autism, asthma, eczema, encephalitis, ME, lupus, MS, IBS, ADHD, Asperger’s, et al. Once this information is available from an independent source that is not influenced or owned by any financially interested parties, then we can make a balanced and informed decision for our children.

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Avocado seeds have been habitually thrown away by modern society even though they take up more than 18% of the fruit.

However, after observing the use of avocado seeds by the American Indian culture to cure digestive disorders such as ulcers, gastroenteritis and flatulence, a number of studies were conducted to prove the multiple health claims that it had gained for centuries. The discoveries revealed more than anyone could have ever expected from the humble avocado seed!

As it turns out, avocado seeds contain incredible health benefits and are a rich source of fiber, antioxidants and disease-preventative compounds.

In 2003 the University of Singapore conducted a study to observe the antioxidant compound in tropical fruit seeds and found that they contained more than 70% antioxidant value than the fruit itself. Avocado seeds were one of the top choices for antioxidant power, which makes them an excellent way to combat aging, cellular deterioration and oxidative stress in the body.

In 2009 the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine analyzed the effect of avocado seed extract on bacteria and fungi and candida. The test tube study revealed that avocado seeds are able to successfully inhibit pathogens such as fungal bacteria and candida, as well as having the added benefit of inhibiting the spread of yellow fever.

The most recent study took place in April 2015, where Canadian and Italian scientists gathered to study the effect of avocado seed extract on cancer cells, with a particular focus on preventing the spread of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) cells. AML is a cancer which develops in bone marrow and then spreads into the bloodstream in the form of leukemia. It was found that not only did avocado seed extract destroy AML cells, but it also had absolutely no negative side effect on normal blood cells, which is something that chemotherapy cannot offer.

What Makes an Avocado Seed So Powerful?

The incredible dose of antioxidants contained in each avocado seed has multiple health benefits as it reduces free radical damage and oxidative stress caused by pollution, food chemicals and the sun’s harmful UV rays. Antioxidants help to reduce aging on a cellular level, which helps to keep the heart, brain and entire body healthy.

It also contains an intense dose of soluble fiber, which helps to lower cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure and eliminates toxins and disease from the body. Dietary fiber is essential in maintaining a healthy digestive system as it helps to reduce constipation, flatulence, inflammation and improves nutrient absorption.

A physician who has been honored by both the American Cancer Society and the United Nations, Dr. Tom Wu, has confirmed that avocado seeds contain the highest amounts of soluble fiber compared to any other natural food source.

The seed is also full of essential fatty acids and avocado oil, which helps to nourish joints, bones and skin tissue. It further helps to increase HDL (good) cholesterol levels, keeping the heart at a low risk for heart disease, stroke and heart failure. Avocado oil has also proven to be excellent for hair, helping to nourish follicles for long and strong hair.

Chronic inflammation can lead to multiple diseases and painful ailments and avocado seeds are exactly what your body needs to fight it. They contain catechins and procyanidins, which are powerful anti-inflammatory compounds that can help to reduce arthritis, hypertension and other inflammatory diseases.

Lastly, the California Avocado Society has confirmed that avocado seeds are a rich source of potassium, which helps to reduce muscle cramps and helps the body to maintain fluid balance, eliminating water retention and toxin buildup.

How Can You Include Avocado Seeds in Your Diet?

Avocado seeds are not as hard to dissect as one might think: simply slice it into quarters and then add it to your regular smoothie for an incredible boost in nutrition.

Alternatively, add the quarters to a blender or grinder and make into a powder for future use. Its tannins give it a bitter taste, so it’s best to add to smoothies, cereals or fruit juice. You can also grate it and use it as a garnish on salads or in soups, sauces and creative meals.

Half an avocado seed gives you sufficient benefits to count as one full serving.

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With the move away from conventional medicine such as antibiotics, David explains how common conditions that many people suffer from can be treated at home easily, effectively and inexpensively.

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